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Coachella 2018 Final Report: Winners and losers (Photos)

  Coachella 2018 Report Card


When Coachella 2018 comes to an end and producer Goldenvoice changes the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, California, to country mode for the Stagecoach festival, we classify two weeks of music, artists, services and experiences in winners, losers and "work needs".


The expectations were so low for the former reality star, who was reserved when she only had one hit and was granted a small window on the main stage. In the run-up to the festival, she openly discussed her "low" rate ($ 70,000 / weekend), had an abnormally short time and is pregnant. None of that baggage mattered.


Got on the main stage, took out four main guest stars (including G-Eazy), picked up Beyonce's fired dancers and won over thousands of fans who might never go to see her on a hard-hitting show. tickets. Above all, she was memorable. She will come back.

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LOSER: Migos
As Cardi's letter became more marked, her boyfriend Offset and Migos went in the other direction. They arrived late the first weekend (a fatal move in heavily regulated festivals), were slow and were booed. They picked it up for weekend 2, but by then most of the press and the buzz had changed. In 2017, they made appearances of a billion guests during the sets of others at the top of the popularity of "Bad and Boujee". That was the moment. Is there something like "wait until last year?"

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Winner: #Walmartchella
The super store and the fans of the fashion festival do not overlap too much. However, the "Niño Walmart Yodeling" stole all the headlines when it was presented at the Sahara store on the opening day of the festival. Then …

By @IamPhilocybin on Instagram and Reddit

A week later, when strong winds delayed the opening of camps on weekend 2 for 24 hours, leaving campers out of town stranded and canceling the favorite "Day Zero" camp party, many organized a tailgate in a local Indian Walmart parking lot. Redditor and Instagrammer @IamPhilocybin went hand in hand with photoshop to dub the #Walmartchella replacement party.

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LOSERS: Miguel and SZA
I did not hear a hint of buzzing on any of the singers' sets. On weekend 2, SZA did not allow any photographer as a whole, which does not help. Do these sets even happen?

  Kygo 2018 Coachella Weekend 2

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The highlight of Miguel was joining Kygo (pictured) during the producer's stellar weekend, two people sang "Remember Me To Forget."

  Yoshiki Hayahsi Japan X

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SPIRIT AWARD WINNERS: Yoshiki Ayashi and X Japan
Someone had to play against Beyonce. It was these rock legends from Japan who are used to playing for stadium-sized crowds and have sold more than 30 million albums. They had been boxing in the shade with Goldenvoice in a festival slot machine for some years working with the powerful WME agent, Marc Geiger.
They did not discover their terrible time set until days before the festival. Bury your head in the sand? No way.

  Marilyn Manson Yoshiki X Japan Coachella 2018

Nicki Jahanforouz / Goldenvoice

WINNERS: X Japan (Continued)
Bandsawder Yoshiki was "all in capital letters" recruiting "cousins" from other wings of the global family tree of the metal (Marilyn Manson (left) and "Lim Bork Bizkit" Wes Borland) to join them as the lost rock leader of Coachella, created holograms of his two deceased members, and hit the Mojave blindfolded. The L.A. Times called it a "rock opera."
When we talked after weekend 1, Yoshiki told me he was excited to go to the festival on Sunday at noon of the day after his show, drink and be a fan. Give them the spirit award and look for their new English album #GoodVibes.

  No Wifi in Coachella Symbol

Goldenvoice / Work of Open Clipart

LOSER: No Functional Wifi
There is no excuse for this. For the data extraction potential alone, the festival should cover the fields at least as heavily as the public Wi-Fi at the Burbank airport. Worried about fans of streaming videos on YouTube? Set a data limit and strangle abusers.

  Mallow Mallow Frozen S & # 39; Mores


WINNER: Culinary Culture
Both GA and VIP now have a variety of gourmet, healthy, unhealthy, hand action and facial nomination. Here, MallowMallow showed one of their frozen mixtures of S & # 39; mores.

  The Good Burger Plant by Monty Wow - Eat Drink Vegan


This was a lunchtime superstar: a vegetable burger from the forthcoming publication The Good Burger by Monty in Riverside . The festival also debuted at the Indian Central Market this year, following the model of the Grand Central Market in downtown New York City. He was joined by a Beer Barn renovated with craft beers and wine "vineyards". How long before presenting your first "Food-Only" bracelet and converting the name to "Coachella Valley Music, Art, and Food Festival ". Paul Tollett, we're ready.


WINNER: Salvador de la roca, Greta Van Fleet
"Directly from a forest documentary," is how a critic summed up Michigan's sibling band (and a friend).
"To be honest, we really did not know what we were getting into," bassist Sam Kiska told The Party Report after the show. "We all got into this without a predisposed idea of ​​what we were doing, we just went on stage and here was this massive tent full of people, and then overflowing with people outside the store." There was no sound control or line check. We just go on stage and play, I guess that's what it's about being a musician. "

  Greta Van Fleet Coachella Weekend 2


WINNERS: Greta Van Fleet (Continued) "I felt we took that emotion and put it back [in to the set] this feedback cycle I kept growing more and more until the end of the show, the last note of & # 39; Safari Song. & # 39; Everyone had a great time, they go and see something else, and they take that energy with them, they extend it So, yes, I think Coachella lived up to everything we thought it would be. "

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TENDENCY DOWN: The Side Parties
This is what the parties used to be: publish Malone (a big raffle) entering a murderous estate with his crew in a relaxed transplant of the night scene of L.A. However …

Nana Judy

This is what most of them are now. This looks like a "Who?" Standing in a patch heavily sponsored as any notables are cordoned off in a VIP or career area right after taking any picture that they are bound to take by some fast food / apparel brand promoter clumsily promoted. As the festival experience itself has improved, most of the side parts have become the second level for those who do not have (or do not want to) spring for bracelets. Except …

  Nicki Minaj Shania Twain Timothee Chalamet Coachella Party Tao Revolve Desert Nights


WINNER: Tao Pop-Ups
All assassins, unfilled, their exclusive talent parties on the first weekend challenged Ellen's selfie. After Weeknd's main show, he celebrated with Shania Twain, Nicki Minaj, Oscar favorite Timothée Chalamet, some Jenners and Migos. This was "the only one" to be in, and I do not know any civilians who made the list.


WINNER: Festival Flow
Goldenvoice contraprogramaba the established times, opened new ways and shook the genres of the stage to prevent fans of a single genre "camping" all day in one space. This forced people to move around the grounds and alleviated the worst bottlenecks of the recent past.

Goldenvoice / Instagram.com / JesseFlemming

WINNER – then LOSER – then WINNER Again: The Do Lab
Calling RL Grime and ZHU as surprise guests on the opening weekend scratched the itch of EDM fans deflated by the lack of big room types in Las Vegas. However, strong winds destroyed the structure between the two weekends ( right ), with the reconstruction of the Do Lab crew in days. For the Friday night of the second weekend, they organized a party behind the scenes and prepared for their own festival Lightning in a Bottle next month.

  INDIO, CA - APRIL 20: Festival attendees at the Do Lab during the 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival at Empire Polo Field on April 20, 2018 in Indio, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Coachella)

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WINNER: The Do Lab Spirit
The weekend 2 kept up the good vibes with a one-day barbecue for friends and surprise groups of Tokimonsta and Claude Von Stroke. In addition, Do Lab fans fought against the infamous pickpockets of Coachella, where a group, including a fitness competitor named Daniel Joseph Rivas, allegedly caught, approached and restrained a thief carrying 50 stolen phones until the police arrived.


Hop-hop not only dominated the lineup this year, but took over two of the main announcements in the dance shop, and also boosted the festival in a Heineken House festival. Snoop Dogg, Mase and Diddy joined Busta Rhymes for his headlining performance in space on opening weekend.


WINNER: The "New" Sahara Tent
The Sahara tent 2013-17 (pictured) here had become a safety and health hazard with flooded and overflowing crowds where pickpockets stormed phones at will last year. After the performance of The Chainsmokers in 2016, a radio personality from Entertainment Weekly said he feared for his life there.

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Voila! Turning the Sahara to the "landscape" mode, making it 25 percent larger, and relocating it in a shaded area, resolved all pain points.


People could dance with their friends in a circle and (panting) even turn around and confront each other in the new space. The panoramic screens made the back of the store (pictured) as good as the front. The months of consternation and speculation on the Internet paid off. Bravo!


WINNER: 18 years old, French Producer Petit Biscuit
Known for the atmospheric dreamy weather, Mehdi Benjelloun flexed his set on a brisk Saturday afternoon ride. He accepted the congratulations of The Party Report and wrote an email to say: "The festival audience is the best challenge because there are two different types of people in the crowd: those who already know what you are doing and the others who are they will discover an hour to make magic happen and make people come into your world, so I thought that my live show was catchy and I also did everything possible to make it more aerial, just to improve the emotions that I'm supposed to bring my music. "

  _0001_Jean Michelle Jarre - Frazer Harrison

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WINNER: Composer of 69 years / Electronic pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre
Days after the Coachella lineup came out in January, Hans Zimmer told The Party Report that WYD was the festival's must-see event. Hans Zimmer knows music. He also meets Coachella, after captivating the 2017 festival as the rare bugs reserve. Jarre played the laser harp (left) and imported his municipal-sized show to the open-air theater, gaining new fans with a complete audiovisual experience. Sadly for those who are on the hunt, their brief tour of April in the United States is over.

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The 23-year-old "SpaceMom" was not the only woman to lead the Sahara store. She was the only DJ that got that place. His hypnotic, psychedelic and early-morning bass had fans dragging his friends who started the set saying "Who is this …?" (question) to "Who is the f — is this?" (exclamation). This is a great leap for someone who was in the middle of the package at EDM festivals of a single genre for months.

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WINNER: Eye Popping Art
Ghostly and disturbing, the wire and mesh structures of Edoardo Tresoldi were mysteries translucent and somber from far and near.

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WINNER: Installation of NEWSUBSTANCE spectra
This quarter-mile walk with air conditioning to the best views of the gardens was the defining icon of the party. His aura evolved during the day, turning the festival fans into rainbow silhouettes at nightfall. In a few years, people will call 2018 a year "Beyonce-Lifesaver", but that would be inaccurate. It will not go anywhere soon. It will return to Coachella 2019 and 2020.

  _0001_Google Home Max - Google


WINNER: Organic brand associations that make sense
Battery charging companies for phones, beers, travel-sharing services and interactive music associations were a natural fit. As an example, as part of the informal lounge of Google artists and YouTubes behind the main stage, the artists demonstrated this Google Home Max wifi speaker, which can determine its own location in a room and recalibrate its equalizers accordingly.

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WINNER: Vance Joy
The Australian singer and songwriter was promoted to the main stage after filling the Mojave store in 2015. The day after seeing Beyonce from the field as a fan, his set of afternoon singles literally cleared the clouds and brought the sun out. April 15. Lionel Richie "All Night Long" and Justin Bieber "Sorry" live mashup got the crowd to dance on any spider web on Saturday night.

  Darren Criss on Republic Records Coachella Party

Michael Kovac on Republic Records

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