Coach posts Drew Brees training video, suggests “something must be in the works”


Drew Brees retires. Unless it isn’t.

Fitness Trainer Todd Durkin recently posted a video on Instagram which shows Brees pushing a loaded sled while Durkin utters a series of superlatives: “What is he doing? . . . Drew, what are you doing? Okay, he’s never done that! . . . I don’t know what he’s doing. . . . I’m not sure what he’s doing. It has never been done before! . . . It’s a new record because it’s never been done before! “

At one point, these words appear over the video: “I’m not sure WHY he’s so crazy today, but something must be brewing.”

The video has come out at a time when Brees has yet to retire and when more and more people are wondering if he will. After witnessing Tom Brady’s Buccaneers (a team that the Saints swept in the regular season) win the Super Bowl, Brees may be thinking about continuing his career for at least one more year.

Regardless, Brees is not exercising as someone who is generally committed to a healthy lifestyle, but as someone who is training for something. Something that, as Durkin pointed out in his video, “must be brewing.”

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