CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski ‘Heartbroken’ on Christmas Eve after 9-month-old daughter of cancer

CNN reporter Andrew Kaczenski and wife Rachel Louise Ensign are mourning the death of their 9-month-old daughter Francesca, who died on Christmas Eve after a month-long battle with cancer.

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Kaczynski shared the sad news on Friday Twitter, Writing that he and Ensign, A. Wall Street Journal Reporters are “heartbroken” over the loss of their little girl.

He said, “We are ready to announce our beautiful daughter. Francesca died in the lap of her mother and father last night.” “There will always be a bean-shaped hole in our hearts for her. We are very grateful to know her love. We love you, Francesca.”

Person to have a baby: The reporter announced in September that her daughter Francesca had been diagnosed "An extremely rare and very aggressive ruboid brain tumor"

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The reporter announced in September that her daughter Francesca had detected “an extremely rare and very aggressive Rubyad brain tumor”.

Back in September, Kaczenski shared that her daughter was diagnosed as “extremely rare and very aggressive” rhabdoid brain tumor. “

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“Francesca is the strongest person and the most resilient person,” she Tweeted On 12 September. “Less than a week later she had two brain surgeries and she is already at home and smiling. I believe she will fight it.”

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Last week, Kaczenski shared that Francesca, who was affectionately nicknamed “Bean” by her parents, had developed ” “Terrible fungal infection.” He was then put on ventilator and life support.

After Francesca’s death, CNN correspondent Asked Everyone keeps their daughter in their prayers during the holiday.

“If anyone could skip the prayer for our bean this Christmas, he would ask that they include Francesca in their thoughts and hope for a Christmas miracle for our family”, he wrote.

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In a passage written by Kaczenski and Ensign, the parents recalled their daughter as “an outgoing, adventurous and curious child”.

“Francesca, a Brooklyn-based Sesame Street fan, enjoys taking long walks around New York City and Boston, playing with her toys and balloons, participating in speech therapy, and ‘petting’ (ie grabbing) her cat in Ryland ) Still working.”

“Her many smiles sent a thrill through the world. She was so generous with them, even when most smiles were covered with masks and even when she faced challenges that frightened an adult , Such as being diagnosed with cancer or born with hearing loss. “, The couple wrote.

The parents also thanked all activists at Boston Children’s Hospital, who “treated Francesca with remarkable love and kindness.”

“Francesca showed her parents a kind of love they had never known before and they would never forget it,” said Kaczynski and Ensign.

In lieu of flowers, food or gifts, donations may be made in the honor of Francesca for the PMC Winter Cycle Charity Program, which donates all proceeds to the charity-Farber Cancer Institute.

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