CNN & Sesame Street warns children to get their ‘DISTANCING STICKS’ ready for school – RT USA News

    Getting your kids ready for school this fall?  Well his pencil, lunchbox, and "distance sticks."  That's why the obscure dystopian advice from Big Bird of Sesame Street tells families watching CNN.

</p><div><p>At the Coronavirus Town Hall for Children and Parents aired on Saturday, CNN enlisted the help of Big Bird of Sesame Street to help children face new restrictions on opening schools again this month.

Asked what he is packing in his school bag, the children’s TV favorites are listed by common essentials – “Pencil, paper and crayon” – Also a mask, hand sanitizer, wipes, and a “Stick away,” A handcrafted stick to take away children, who get too close.

This section was celebrated online by some parents, but one was mentioned “Far stick” Raised a few eyebrows.

The idea is not new. Chinese students returning to school in April did so with feathers “One Meter Hat,” Wearable reminder to stay at arm’s length from each other. Then there was an aggressive news from China which has since become an example of ‘new normal’ across the western world. Masks and plexiglass dividers are common in American primary schools, and government advisors in the UK warn that children may experience “anxiety” And “Nightmares” Upon his return to the socially deformed, Kovid-proofed classroom.

American schools have also used surveillance technology, such as thermal imaging cameras with mask recognition and facial recognition functions. Some have gone as far as to fit children with electronic tracking beacons to determine if children are following social distinction rules.

In Ireland, children who exhibited symptoms at a school in Athlone exiled In a garden shed in the school yard, shouting to parents. At least “Isolation shed” They will not need to use their distancing stick.

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