CNN marks Trump’s, large crowd, peace ancing little social disturbances’ historic peace deal of WH event

CNN attempted to bury the series by sounding “large crowds” and “small social disturbances”, sounding the alarm, praising the historic peace deal between Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Bahrain at the White House.

On Tuesday, President Trump was joined by Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan, and Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalif to sign the Abraham Accord, a “new middle.” Said something as “morning.” East. “

However, CNN’s coverage of the incident was less focused on the groundbreaking peace deal and instead embarrassed the White House to prevent such an incident in the midst of an epidemic.


During the network’s 3 pm show, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin accused the president of “denying the science” of coronavirus, citing more than 195,000 deaths and more than 6.5 million cases in the US, “which he later called” hundreds “Negatively emphasized the people who participated, knocked out the president for organizing the outdoor White House program and the” packed “indoor campaign program in Arizona.

Baldwin revealed that these events occurred after recording the release of Trump’s interviews with Bob Woodward, who had taken on different tones of the time in the early months of the epidemic with the veteran journalist about the dangers of the virus. I talked

He then replaced CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins, who read with an on-air graphic, “Tropical Hall’s Whidds Event with Lars Crowd, Little Society Instanting.”

Collins reported that the ceremony had “more masks” than previous ones, but was credited to the “foreign delegation” who “wanted to follow strict protocols.” He said that many top officials participating in the event were represented by Attorney General William Burr, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and Coronavirus Task Force member Drs. Not seen wearing masks, including Scott Atlas.

She went on to compare dealing with the outbreak of Israel, which is resuming a nationwide lockout caused by the resurgence of the virus, which requires Israelis to live within 1,500 feet of their home, it says Happened that the rules for President Trump and his administration are “very different”. .

“It’s a striking difference, isn’t it?” Baldwin reacted.

MSNBC, CNN First Trump’s Israel-UAE PEACE Deal During Time

Anchor of CNN called Dr. Welcoming Rob Davidson, who welcomed the bill as an “emergency room physician”, revealed that he was previously the Democratic congressional candidate in 2018, to pile on the president, suggesting he was “likely Don’t care about that. ” Health risks from the White House incident.

CNN carried a highly negative, coronovirus-focused tone toward the Abraham Accord throughout its programming.

Newsbusters managing editor Curtis Hoke slammed the liberal network for “downplaying” what he described as a “monumental achievement” from the Trump administration.

“When it comes to enforcing coronavirus epidemiological guidelines, CNN doesn’t really care about ethics, despite being full of hypocrites, so they’ll scold about those who aren’t wearing masks.” Or socially messed up and that’s what they did today with the signing of the Abraham Accord, “Hawk told Fox News.

CNN GUEST CALLS COVID-19 RISKS at WHITE HOUSE ‘Concussing,’ Thousands during March in Washington

Radio host Buck Sexton destroyed the anti-Trump network in response to his on-air graphic that highlighted a lack of “social distance” rather than a peace deal.

“Once again, CNN manages to be the worst news network but the best comedy channel,” Sexton wrote.

Even the conservative satirical website The Babylon Bee had some fun at the expense of CNN, Heading on, “CNN criticizes Israel, Arab leaders shaking hands in middle of an epidemic.”

CNN has a history of underestimating Trump’s recent foreign policy achievements. Last week, the anti-Trump network completely avoided coverage of the Israel-Bahrain peace deal announced during its primetime lineup.

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Last month, “CNN Tonight” anchor Don Lemon used the Israeli-UAE peace deal to make fun of Trump after National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien suggested the president be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

“Wonder why he wants the Nobel Prize so badly? … Oh, you know who’s the one, okay? President Barack Obama!” CNN anchor boasted.

Layman’s colleagues Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo avoided the topic altogether, as did their primetime competitors on MSNBC.