CNN attacks Donald Trump’s latest attack against its international journalists


On Monday after President Donald Trump announced an open season for CNN International journalists, CNN reissued.

"For almost four decades, CNN has been constant here in the United States and around the world, our journalists, in front of and behind the camera, risk their lives in the most dangerous places every day, so they know the truth, "said Wolf Blitzer on his CNN show, for example.

"Where disaster strikes, where war breaks out, we are there, where dictators fall, where citizens rise, we are there, where fists are raised, blood is spilled, and where heroes are made, we are there Because the incessant search for truth and the outright rejection of any attack against it is something we still consider sacred, it will always do so, "said the CNN veteran with pbadion, which is saying something when it comes to Blitzer.

This search will not end on CNN, "it does not matter how many insults, or blatant attacks on the press and their freedom." Even the noisiest critics can not silence the facts, "Blitzer said, referring to Trump, lining up in the video of CNN journalists in several distressing situations while covering news abroad.

After it aired, Blitzer added , deliberately, "CNN and CNN International is not sponsored by any state, nor any autocrat, nor any political organization. "

" And despite the president's constant criticism, we are firm in our mission: free and independent, as the press should be. "[19659003] After Blitzer spoke, the CNN commentator and former spokesperson for the Department of State, Rear Admiral retired John Kirby said Trump's tweets are endangering the lives of American journalists abroad. "It makes me angry," Kirby said.

Trump's latest attack on CNNI came on Saturday when he tweeted. :

. @FoxNews is MUCH more important in the United States than CNN, but outside the US, CNN International is still a major source of (false) news, and represents our Nation to the WORLD very poorly The outside world does not see the truth of them!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 25, 2017

Trump previously complained about CNN International after his trip 12 days for l to Cuenca del Pacífico, during which he was forced to watch CNNI, get up very early on his first morning in the United States to tweet with the happy anticipation of returning to his safe space, Fox & Friends.

"While I was in the Philippines I was forced to look @CNN, which I have not done in months, and again I realized how bad and FALSE it is, loser!" Trump had tweeted in that so.

In addition to Blitzer's comments, the longest video CNN's response on Monday to Trump's latest attack also included Brooke Baldwin reading another response, this one from former CIA / NSA Director General Michael Hayden: 19659003] " If this is what we are or what we are becoming, I have lost 40 years of my life Until now I could not conceive a US president capable of such a scandalous badault against the truth, a free press or the first amendment. "

CNN had previously responded to Trump's attack with a tweet of its own: [19659009] It is not CNN's job to represent the United States before the world. That is yours. Our job is to report the news. #FactsFirst ?

– Communications CNN (@CNNPR) November 25, 2017

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