CM Punk Addresses Speculation He Will Appear On AEW Revolution –

CM Punk Addresses Speculation He Will Appear On AEW Revolution

This week AEW Dynamite saw Paul Wight make his first appearance as a member of the All Elite Wrestling roster. The giant broke the news that a fighter “worthy of the hall of fame” had signed a multi-year contract with the company and would arrive on Sunday. Revolution Pay to see. As is often the case when a major wrestling promotion mocks a newcomer, CM Punk’s name was mentioned. The former WWE Champion has spoken highly of AEW in the past, but he is still retired after leaving WWE in 2014. The closest he has come to a comeback was an appearance on Starrcast III and an analyst job in Behind the scenes of WWE, although that show has effectively been canceled outside of the random pop-up episodes.

Punk kicked off a fan Q&A on Thursday by answering that question, writing: “I’ll answer some questions if you have them. Use the hashtag #askpunk and I’ll give you a free answer to get started: it’s not me, the [Chicago Blackhawks] they’re playing on Sunday. “

Punk spoke to Renee Paquette at the Oral sessions podcast in December and asked what it would take to get him back in the ring.

“I think the landscape today is very different from when I left,” Punk said. “You can play the game you’re in like, ‘Oh AEW was an option, would you have left right after you left WWE?’ If you’re going to play that game there’s no way they (WWE) would have handled it the way they handled it with suspending me for two months and no one contacted me and the next thing I know I have my release papers on me. the day of the wedding. That wouldn’t have happened if there was an AEW. Because then they probably would have come up to me and said, ‘Hey, your suspension is over. Are you ready to go back to work? Let’s figure this out.’ Or handle it as any other sports organization would have handled it [a] star thrower going home. They’re not just going to let him leave the team, go to a rival organization. “

He added that of the two companies, AEW makes the most compelling argument.

“What would it take? Oh my God. Without wanting to insult anyone on either side of the fence, no talent from WWE or AEW, it would take, above all, an interesting setting,” he said. “A story that would be fun to tell and also the stupidest amount of money. But they can save themselves a lot of money if they present a funny story. Now what is that, I don’t know. A pretty picky guy, especially at this point. I think There are more interesting people on the AEW side for me to fight and that’s because I’ve never fought with them before. Young Bucks, Kenny Omega. “

So if it’s not Punk, who will it be? Tell us your choice in the comments!


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