Clubhouse partners with Stripe to offer direct payments to creators

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The Clubhouse invite-only audio chat app is improving the deal for creators by offering a direct payment option that would allow them to obtain 100% of the rewards.

On a monday blog post, Clubhouse announced that partner with payment processing startup Stripe offer direct in-app payments for the first time in order to align the platform with its core principlesof putting creators first.

Our goal is to help creators build community, audience and impact, ”says the blog post.And as Clubhouse continues to grow, it is important for us to align our business model with that of the creators, helping them make money and prosper on the platform. “

Although not all creators will be eligible to receive payments immediately, Clubhouse says it will begin rolling out payments in waves. “Starting with a small test group”- apparently 100% of those payments will actually go to the creators themselves, and Clubhouse refused to take a share of the proceeds.

The monetization tool will be the first to be integrated directly into the application infrastructure and will allow users to tap on the creator’s profile of their choice and choose “Send money”, which will trigger a prompt to enter credit card information or debit. Once activated, and after a credit card processing fee has been paid, users will be able to send direct cash transfers to the creator of their choice, all of which will be processed through Stripe.

The ad appears to be part of a larger initiative to incentivize would creators and influencers, which the Clubhouse has been looking to obtain en masse. In March, the platform announced a new acceleration program called “Clubhouse Creator first,” What should “support and equip 20 creators with the resources they need to bring their ideas and creativity to life, ”according to a tweet.

Soon, Clubhouse – By Invitation Only social network that has the pursuit of influence and exclusivity built into its premise: it must be populated by chat influencers to thrive, and you’re creating an incentive package to keep them users in the application. YWwith dozens of knockoff platforms ya nibbling the bite to steal the clubhouse bite, you will need a lot of good tricks up your sleeve to make sure you don’t lose valuable talents to number of competitors.


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