‘Club kid killer’ Michael Alig found dead inside NYC home

“Club Kid Killer” Michael Alig – the famous flamboyant party promoter who ended up murdered – was found dead inside his New York City home on Thursday with an apparent drug overdose, officials said.

Authorities said the 54-year-old former scene fixture-convicted of murder-by-ex-boyfriend was discovered just before midnight in his Washington Heights pad.

A police source said Alig’s ex “was there and saw him unconscious and called 911.” “[Alig] Was on his side. “

Authorities said detectives recovered several zip-lock plastic bags from the home, including heroin, as well as drug paraphernalia.

Ellig’s death was the final chapter in a sarcastic, sensational – and certainly cautionary – story about an attempt to become famous in the Big Apple and eventually commit suicide for its excesses.

He was known as the self-proclaimed “King of the Club Kids” at his club as a group of drug-famed hedonists staging the most sought-after nightclub parties in the early 1980s and early 1990s. Was.

Ellig told the Post in a special article in 2014 about how he grew up as a gay man in South Bend, Ind., Wore ijod – and felt as if he had come home after arriving in New York in 1984.

He moved to the city to attend Fordham University – and quickly met a fellow student named Ludovic who changed the course of his life.

The boyfriend of famed pop artist Keith Harring took Alig to a party, which was thrown at the now-defaced area club on Hudson Street.

Ludovic wore underwear and white body paint, as he paired the pair with Doraemon.

Once inside, Alig said that he was hooked.

“[I was] A misfit from the Midwest, who came to New York City in search of acceptance, opportunity, and all the fun, “Allig recalled The Post.

“In terms of my sexuality as a gay teenager, I was overwhelmed and excited. It was liberating,” he wrote of the wild scene, which included partying androgyny icon Grace Jones among about 300 others.

“Talk about being in the right place at that time, ‘” Alig said. ” While the rest of the country was embroiled in hopeless regnomics and [the anti-drug campaign] ‘Just say it,’ Downtown New York’s nightlife was taking a moment.

What a moment

“Magnificent” was the word of the day. The more cynical the jungle, the make-up, the hair and the costumes, the better – and no one was held in more respect in the hierarchy of the foreign-looking club-hopper than a gender-bending man with one gender.

Ellig dropped out of school and joined the circuit, hosting parties at Tunnel, Limelight and other nightclubs, donating his own version with garnish makeup and luxurious outfits.

He became part of the scene’s exclusive, trend-setting group, known as “Club Kids”, who were “paid only to show and bring splendor to the mix,” Alig Was missed.

But along with the highly fueled fame and fortune, there came dangerous drugs, including drugs.

Ellig began taking heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine at best, as well as a heavy boil.

In March 1996, Alig and another friend, Robert “Freeze” Riggs, got into beef with Angel Melendez, a short-time drug-peddling pal while they were all on ketamine. Ellig recalled The Post about how he and Riggs beat and beat Melandez, then tore her body into pieces and dumped it in the Hudson River.

The killers were eventually caught and convicted for murder.

Alig spent 14 years behind bars before being released in 2014. Riggs went free in 2010.

Elig’s life was virtually made for Hollywood, his saga turned into a film in 2003. Former child artist Macaulay Culkin portrayed him.

The fallen promoter tried to go straight after prison to continue a skill he picked up behind bars – painting.

But he continued the fight against his seemingly demonized possession of crystal meth near Yankee Stadium in 2017.

Ellig was also rendered homeless and admitted in 2018 that he had turned into a gay-hook-up site Grindr when he ran out of money “just to have some place to sleep” and at least Once found himself camping outside. Under a bridge.

When he became clear about his ongoing issues and was asked why it took him so long to accept, he said, “I really didn’t want to publicize it too much because I didn’t want it to End on page six.

“It would be embarrassing.”

The former man moved into an upper Manhattan apartment about six months ago, neighbors said – and had apparent trouble almost from the beginning.

“I used to hear a lot of people shouting from my place,” the 27-year-old neighbor next door, Elvis Miller, said on Friday, waiting eight hours outside The Door. ‘Michael.’

“He was always acting a bit out of his mind, as if his nervous system was not right,” Miller said.

“The last time I saw her, a man was beating her and asking her. Recently.”

Miller, when told that Alig had died, replied, “Oh my God! He died! I’m in shock. I saw a police car here last night. I didn’t know it was for him.”

Additional reporting by Kevin Sheehan

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