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Closure of the government: the Academy of the Air Force cancels games, practices

Air Force forward Ryan Swan, who showed up earlier this month. (Dougal Brownlie / The Gazette via Associated Press) [19659000] The closure
of the federal government that began at midnight already has a decline: the athletic calendar of the Air Force Academy.

The military academy announced Saturday morning that it would be canceling intercollegiate sporting events "until further notice" due to the closure of the government. That included a home-grown list of men's basketball, men's and women's swimming, men's ice hockey and men's gymnastics. The women's basketball team was on the road in the state of Fresno; that game was also canceled.

The Air Force said it would try to reprogram as many games as possible once the closure was over.

"Athletics are a big part of how we develop future officers in USAFA," Air Force Academy. the spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Allen Herritage, said by email. "They inculcate character traits that will serve these aviators well throughout their entire career, and due to the closure of the government we had to cancel activities not directly related to national defense."

Herritage added that while a large part of the personnel of the athletic department are civilians, the school was canceling activities "given the limitations imposed". for the closing. "

Federal agencies began to close at night for the first time since October 2013, that confrontation lasted 18 days before a spending bill was passed The longest recorded closure lasted 21 days, from December 5, 1995 to January 6, 1996. Congress reconvened on Saturday morning in hopes of reaching an agreement to reopen the federal government.

] Along with the cancellation of games, the Athletic Air Force teams will not be able to carry out their regularly scheduled practices during the closure.The male and female basketball teams of the Air Force have scheduled games for Wednesday against Utah State and next Saturday against The Men's Ice Hockey is played on Friday and Saturday in Niagara (NY).

Meanwhile, the Naval Academy teams will continue to compete as scheduled. ogramme.

"Almost everyone who works in the athletic department is a civilian. We have some coaches who are from the government and could not work, but we could cover them, "Army Navy spokesman Scott Strasemeier said in an email The army has not commented on its plans at the time of publication, but the men's team of basketball played its scheduled game on Saturday afternoon.

The three sports departments operate as separate private entities from academies administered by the government.The Naval Academy Athletic Association was founded in 1891 as a non-profit organization to "promote, influence and help fund the athletic contests of the midshipmen of the Naval Academy of the United States." The Air Force Athletic Academy began operations in 2013 and the Army The West Point Athletic Association began in 2017.

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