CLOCK: this girl went viral at a Pink concert, now she is singing her own song | Video

Victoria Anthony of Vancouver has 100 million hits, and a new song.

Parents always say that "everything is possible", and they may be right. Just ask Victoria Anthony.

"Their [always] It has been my dream to sing with rose. She is my idol, "said Victoria, 13, during a visit to CBC Kids News headquarters.

"I never thought it could happen, but I was kidding because I heard she came to Vancouver and I told my mom, then she said everything is possible, so I started a campaign on social media."

Victoria got a bunny and filmed a video in which she asked Pink if he could sing at his concert.

"I'll be ready," he promised the pop star.

Victoria Anthony calls Pink to sing at her concert.

Victoria calls Pink to sing at her concert (YouTube / Victoria Anthony Music)

Local news reported on their efforts, and when Pink arrived in the city on May 12, 2018, he pulled Victoria out of the crowd to sing in front of 18,000 fans.

After she finished, Victoria whispered in Anthony's ear: "Never stop."

That moment quickly went viral, with 100 million people watching your video on social networks.

"It was crazy how much … the love and support that everyone had at that moment because my dream is coming true," said Victoria. "I think people really like to see that happen because they want their dreams come true."

A year later, Victoria is dreaming even more.

She is taking advantage of her online fame to try to become a singer as her idol, and is working with some of the same producers as Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.

"I really believe in empowering women and I wanted to create an anthem that was fierce, strong and tough because women and girls can do anything," Victoria said of her second single. Because I am a girl.

Anthony in his new music video, because I'm a girl.

Victoria in her new music video, Because I'm a girl. (YouTube / Victoria Anthony Music)

"We're in a crazy moment with so many amazing things happening for women's rights and I believe in equality," he said.

"I think the Me Too movement is so special because people talk about the problems they have had and the things that have derailed their lives. We are saying that you can not control us anymore. "

Watch Victoria describe her dream come true:

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