Cleveland Cavaliers match the pace of LeBron James to claim Game 3 over the Boston Celtics NBA

CLEVELAND – The Cavaliers' struggles with the Boston Celtics early in the Eastern Conference finals involved nuances, circumstances and shades of gray.

In addition, they could not make a triple, open or disputed. [19659002]

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The various diseases of the Cavs have a way to fade into the background when their 3s fall, and those deep marks tend to unlock energy to run in other phases of the game. For example, after exchanges in February, the Cavs averaged 13 triples with 42 percent shooting wins and only nine triples with 29 percent losses.

When the Cavs had 0 of 14 in triples in the first half of Game 1 and then 3 of 17 in the second half of Game 2, it was not a surprise that they had everything from defense issues to dribbling problems . They were only 2 of 15 in triple without opposition in those games, which explains a lot.

So, we were able to spend time at this time examining Cleveland's defensive performance (it was much improved) in Game 3 on Saturday night. We could talk about how Boston seems to lose its arrogance on the road in the postseason (1-5). And so on.

Instead, all you need to know is that the Cavs looked like a different team from the 3-point range and it was a totally different result. They made 9 of 17 in treys in the first half and finished with 17 of 34. Thus, they easily won 116-86 to get closer 2-1 in the series.

"We did a good job of moving the ball and doing the extra pbad, and we did it well tonight," said Cavs coach Tyronn Lue. "When we play like that, the guys are going to get shots in the open air."

Kyle Korver was perfect from the depth, going 4 of 4 from the 3-point line when the Cavs were more than 33 from beyond the arc in their Game 3 win over the Celtics. Brian Babineau / Getty Images

Okay, it was a little more complicated than that. But Cleveland, driven by Lue to raise its overall pace, predictably played with more urgency with the effective season on the line.

Early on Saturday night, the Cavaliers were encouraged by George Hill, who had been terrible in the Boston games, including having no rebounds or badists in Game 1 and being part of the 41-41 win 3 on the scoreboard that the Celtics put on the Cavs in Game 2.

Hill scored the first basket of the game on a drive and then picked up Terry Rozier in full defense, defining the difference in Cavs mentality in A matter of minutes after the tip. Then, Hill hit three 3-pointers and finished with 13 points in the first half, the most he scored in half with the Cavs' uniform.

LeBron James was naturally part of that; He operated much more easily since the Celtics' defense had to be extended to cover the 3-point shooting. James had 19 points and six badists in the first half when the Cavs built a big lead. He finished with 27 points and 12 badists, making 8 of 12 shots.

When James raises those badists totals and does not need so many shots, the Cavs are clicking, and probably making 3-pointers. But he was also very well committed to the defense, setting the tone from the start by blocking a couple of shots and showing the necessary activity. The Celtics scored 2 of 10 shots with four turnovers when James was the main defender.

"As a group, even when things broke, we covered each other," James said. "We made them make extra pbades, we made them make extra turns, we were flying, and I was just one of the guys on the court who also wanted to fly."

The Celtics shot just 38 percent in three quarters before the garbage collection began, as they lacked the movement and vigor of the games in Boston. None of his key contributors were active, especially on the perimeter of Rozier and Jaylen Brown, who added 8 of 20 shots.

The five starters of the Cavs scored in double figures, and Kyle Korver came off the bench and made all four of his three-pointers, which summed up the night in various ways.

"I think they were great," Celtics coach Brad Stevens said. "Clearly we were not the hardest and most connected team tonight, Cleveland does, and they deserve all the credit for that, I thought they played a great game."


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