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Cleveland Cavaliers lost by 28 points to Minnesota Timberwolves

MINNEAPOLIS – After their most unbalanced loss of the season – a 127-99 loss by the Minnesota Timberwolves – several members of the Cleveland Cavaliers were lost Monday.

"Tonight, I do not know what it was tonight," Kevin Love said. "It was just ugly, we were getting good shots, I think, in every way, we had really good shots to start the game, they just did not fall and that kind of thing stayed true throughout the game, and" It seems they hit everything. So it's easy to say it's just one of those nights, but in many cases there are a lot of things we can do better. "

Cleveland lost 20-4 to start the game and shot just 8 of 23 in the first quarter (34.8 percent), compared to 13 of 22 for Minnesota (59.1 percent) .The Cavs threw a particularly poor shot from the outside, going 1-for-10 in 3 pointers in the opening frame.

From there The Cavs fell by 41 points, which represents their biggest deficit of the season: they lost by 37 against the Orlando Magic on the way to a 114-91 loss on October 21. They ended with 14 turnovers resulting in in 19 points for the Wolves, compared to just five turnovers for Minnesota.

"They put us a good one," said LeBron James, who scored 10 points, the lowest number of the season. since 2007. "[We] got it to 14 at the end of the first, but we do not get closer. "

James recorded the worst plus-minus of his 15-year career, recording a minus-39 in 27 minutes in the 1.101 game he has played in the NBA.

"I do not care about anything else," James said. "I won a game and had a more-less bad before, so what does it matter, I do not give a shit without more-less."

James was much more concerned about the Cavs' recent struggles. , as Monday's loss dropped its record to 3-6 in its last nine games.

When asked if all the losses had anything in common, James said: "Yes, we are not playing well now."

James, who kept his head down during his brief post-match press session instead of eyeing reporters as usual, was asked if he was still "impassive" after the loss. Over the weekend, James downplayed Cleveland's recent struggles, saying: "We know who we are now, what we want to do, sometimes, even when you know, you still have some bumps in that path, that's okay."

What was it? Your feeling on the subject on Monday?

"Uh, I just want to improve," James said.

James echoed the same chorus when asked if the Cavs offense or defense was more guilty against the Wolves. [19659002] "Uh, we just want to improve," he repeated.

"It's easy to say it's just one of those nights, but in many cases there are many things we can do better," Kevin Love said after what he described as an "ugly" loss for Minnesota. AP Photo / Jim Mone

The Cavs now have seven double-digit defeats in the season of their 14 losses. On the contrary, they have only seven double-digit victories in the season of their 26 victories.

"It happens," Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said of the explosive nature of the game. "It happens three or four times a year for a lot of teams, usually we're not a team that gets hit like that."

Despite three of their starters – Isaiah Thomas (0-for-7)), Love (0-for-6) and JR Smith (0-for-5) – combining to throw 0-for-18 In the first half against Minnesota, Lue said he had no alignment plans for Thursday's game against the Toronto Raptors.

Instead, Lue blamed the Cavs defense, which allowed 127 points for the second consecutive game.

"We have not been able to stop [teams] lately," said Lue. . "Defense [problem areas are] only hand in hand from the dribble, pick-and-roll has been our Achilles heel, and transition, they got all three tonight."

A fall in the middle of the season is nothing new for the Cavs. They have dealt with the crashes in each of the last three regular seasons and joined to make the NBA Finals in the last three years.

Love said that Cleveland will rely on their experience to navigate their current patch.

"We are a veteran team and we know what we are capable of, and it can not be that easy for us to enter these truces and not try to get them out of them," Love said. "So we should be better."

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