Cleveland Cavaliers face possible discipline after altercations at the end of the Game 1 loss against Golden State Warriors

OAKLAND, Calif. – The Cleveland Cavaliers could be without two of their starters for Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday.

Tristan Thompson could face a suspension after pushing the ball in the face of Draymond Green in the closing seconds of Game 1 on Thursday after he had already been sent off.

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[19659002] Kevin Love, who was not in the game at the time, could be hit with a suspension of a game by stepping on the court while an altercation was developing. The Golden State Warriors raised eight points with five seconds left in the contest, but there were 2.5 seconds left in the shot clock.

Warrior guard Shaun Livingston approached a medium shot and Thompson challenged the shot, but also threw his elbow and made contact with the right side of Livingston's chest. Officer Tony Brothers immediately called a blatant 2, which guarantees an automatic ejection.

"I discussed a shot that should not have been taken," Thompson said after the Warriors took game 1 in overtime, winning 124-114 on Thursday. "I mean, it's like the unspoken rule in the NBA: if you have 10 or 11 with 20 seconds remaining, you do not take that opportunity, I do the contest, and the next thing I know is that they kicked me out to do a contest that we learn in the field I do not know why they kicked me out. "

Before Thompson left the field, Love was seen walking on the court while Brothers approached the scorers table to convey his decision. Green started mocking Thompson by saying goodbye. When the two forwards approached, Thompson had a few words before putting the ball in Green's face.

"I did not hear it," Thompson said, "but I heard it and the rest is history."

Love was quickly summoned off the court by an badistant coach. As a rule, a player who is not in the game at the time of a skirmish is not allowed on the court. However, Love said he was not worried about receiving a disciplinary action from the league for the sequence.

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"No," Love told ESPN. "I was already on the court trying to get the attention of referees before the fight."

Livingston and Klay Thompson quickly imposed on Green for retaliation, possibly saving the striker from a suspension.

"I do not care about that incident," Green told ESPN. "It does not matter, life goes on."

Warriors players say that the great veteran man Kendrick Perkins, who was inactive, was the most active Cavalier. According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN, Green was imitating a cheerleader who waved pom-poms to make fun of Perkins who was shouting at the Warriors side of the court.

Livingston defended his decision to shoot at that juncture of the game.

I say we do not take the turnover. I do not take billing, "he told ESPN." Kevin [Durant] threw the ball at me and threw it at me like we were still playing. JR [Smith] was still protecting him, you know, without disrespect. We just play the game. So, that's what it was … It is the final. It's all love … It was like a YMCA pickup game in the last 30 seconds. "

Green and Stephen Curry were on their backs.

" There was a differential with respect to the clock and game clock " , Green told ESPN. "Are you supposed to make a change? Some equipment yes. We are not those teams. Most of the time we are in that situation, we throw the ball. We are not trying to get drunk with them. He fired the ball. It's okay. "

" If there is time on the clock and the trigger watch differential, whatever it is, just play to the end, "said Stephen Curry." I do not think we can achieve our feelings if someone goes down and ends a possession and receives an opportunity. I mean, obviously, if they're doing some teasing or doing some crazy things, that's a little different. But if you only play basketball and end up with a possession instead of taking a bill, I do not see any problem with that. Men are ready to finish a game and play the right way. I think it's part of playing the right way. "

That altercation was not the first in the last minute of the game. LeBron James and Curry originally started the uproar on the stretch, with 34 seconds remaining in overtime and the Warriors holding on to an 11-point lead. , Curry had his basket attempt blocked by James.

The Cavaliers forward began to taunt Curry, and the guard responded again since they had to be separated by Thompson, who then exchanged words with James.

"He looked at me and started talking," Curry told ESPN.

"The game was over. That's what started it. "

Game 2 might be missing some faces, but that's something Green is not too worried about.

" We just want to play, "Green said. in none of those things [suspension]. Let's play ball. "

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