Clemson's assistant basketball coach linked to the FBI wiretaps, mentions the soccer program

During the corruption trial in college basketball that took place this week in New York, Clemson's badistant basketball coach, Steve Smith, was linked to wiretapping by the FBI.

Smith, who has been badistant to Brad Brownell's staff since 2012, listened on video to conversations with Christian Dawkins, a former agent who had previously been convicted for his role in paying players, and an undercover FBI agent. According to Matt Norlander, principal writer of CBS Sports, an attempt was made to pay the family of Zion Williamson in hopes of bringing the star to Clemson.

Although this is a federal trial about the corruption of NCAA basketball, Clemson's badistant coach also raised Clemson's soccer program.

While the conversation about Williamson's recruitment continues, Smith said that "that's why soccer is so successful, it's if it does and uses resources at Clemson, as if it really could keep everything under control," Norlander said Thursday afternoon.

Another appointment of Smith through the telephone intervention: "It's a small university town … you can go to a game one night, after the game you see a guy out there with a nice and pretty suit," wait a moment ".

Clemson Athletics issued a statement on Thursday afternoon about what has come out of the trial.

"We are aware of the developments in today's federal court that involve one of our male basketball badistant coaches," the university said. "We take this matter seriously and we will immediately conduct a review."

It is interesting to note that the Clemson Board of Trustees will meet on Friday morning to discuss many things, including contractual changes for male basketball badistant coaches and soccer coaches. What time?

Here are tweets from the Norlander reports on Thursday afternoon:

We will keep you informed on this matter as it continues.

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