Clemson vs. Wake One Score, Takeaway: Trevor Lawrence’s efficiency leads the No. 1 Tigers to a decisive victory

No. 1 Clemson brought ruthless efficiency at the start of his 2020 season, riding a strong performance from his Giants offense and encouraging a signal from the youth movement on defense in a 37–13 win at Wake Forest. The five-time ACC champion Tigers made their debut in the second half, making three decisive comebacks as part of a decisive road victory.

Although Tees Higgins left during the preseason for the NFL and Justine Ross is sitting out with an injury, quarterback Trevor Lawrence actually showed better shape than early 2019. After his first defeat as a college starter at the College Football Playoff Nationals. Spending his lineage as a vocal leader in and out of the championship and on the field, Lawrence elevated the game of all those around him. There were no interceptions and very few mistakes in this opener, as Lawrence threw for 351 yards (78.6%) out of 221 carries and a total of three touchdowns (one passing, two rushing). The ground score was particularly unique in that Lawrence had never had a fast rushing game, and he had two before the end of the first quarter.

Of course, everyone’s attention to Lawrence around the goal line was twice thanks to a 100-yard performance by ACC Player of the Year Travis Atten. In exchange for his senior season, Ettinen will probably rewrite much of the Clemson record book and raise the ACC touchdown record he broke in 2019. Saturday night’s career was breaking Wayne Gallman’s career record of 100th-yard games. Yards and 17 touchdowns on 17 attempts. And just as it was a senior leading the way in rushing, it was another senior who stepped into wide receiver room with 90 yards on five catches with Amery Rodgers.

But with all the veteran presence on offense, the flip side is a deep and effective defense burdened with underclassmen. True Freshman Defensive and Miles Murphy led the team in tackles (seven) and sax (two), while fellow freshman Brian Bracey ran with an assistant sack and redshirt sopor KJ Henry was flying around the field with four tackles and a sack. Ended with

Wake Forrest had several opportunities in the scoring position, but Clemson’s defense bowed out each time until late in the fourth quarter, when Damon Deacons scored the lone touchdown of his game. Sam Hartman showed great ruthlessness while under constant pressure from the Tigers’ defensive front, and the Dakes offense made some big plays against Clemson’s secondary, hardly a threat that put the final result in doubt.

With the first week of ACC play coming to a close, Clemson’s results have been seen in conference play for the past five years. Now a winner in 39 of their final 41 ACC games, the Tigers have an inspiring combination of experienced leadership at key positions and a wifey of young talent that will surely continue to develop. There have been a lot of changes in college football to be made this season of 2020, but Clemson’s dominance and hold over the AI ​​is a small piece of normalcy in this strange year.

Let’s take a look at three takeaways from Clemson’s full-on victory over Wake Forest.

1. No Mistake: Lawrence entered Notre Dame and Alabama in the 2019 season with over 300 yards and tons of hype after the first year of three touchdowns in the College Football Playoff. They were his best games of that freshman season, and this led to pressure on him to perform at that level in 2019. Trying to force the issue and live up to that expectation impacted their game, and the early hurdles derailed one conversation after another. Of the great talents of college football. A lot was made up of interceptions, but not more than 22 touchdowns, the zero interception runs he made in the final eight games of the season.

Lawrence was elite as a decision-maker against Wake Forrest, and the change in performance comes as he enters the 2020 season from his first defeat as a college player and having receivers like Higgins and Ross Se comes without a kind of safety net. outside. It may have all been like a more consistent and efficient game, as we saw on Saturday night against Wake Forest, and if so, it fades him from the spotlight rather than keeping Lawrence in that Hyman Trophy discussion.

2. This is Clemson’s most talented team: Dabo Swinney believes the raw talent of the 2020 team is as good as any team can coach at Clemson, and the number of our partners is definitely back at 247Sports. As the game wore on and more subcontracts took over the field, it is impossible to ignore the wealth of high school stars with a relatively small impact on the game. It is nerve-boggling to the rest of the ACC (and the nation) that Clemson has experienced the success of his rise – five conference titles, four appearances in the national championship game and two national titles – from top-10 to top-15. Talent of. Now that Myles Murphy, Brian Bracey and quarterback DJ Uyagilelli are anchoring the top-10 to top-five kind of classes, Clemson is only getting better.

3. Touchdown dry: Clemson’s 12 straight wins in the series may have been a morale boost for Wake Forest fans, but it was particularly hard to swallow the fact that DeCus had not scored a touchdown since the 2017 loss. Never a credit wake Forrest with competition against the No. 1 team in the country, getting back after each apparent knockout punch and finally locating the zone late in the fourth quarter. Other teams may have rebounded, but in the final three minutes, Diak was mixed in all stages.

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