Clear bench as Dodgers throws ‘Joe Kelly Astro’ behind Alex Bregman, taunts Carlos Corey

The bench was cleared on Tuesday at Houston’s Minute Med Park after the sixth inning of a much awaited matchup between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros.

The tension lay in Joe Kelly’s irregular bottom of the sixth, in which he threw a 3–0 fastball behind Alex Bragman and nearly hit Yuli Guerrill and Carlos Correa. With the stadium vacant due to a coronovirus epidemic, the broadcast caught someone screaming at Kelly to “go back to the mound, mummy — er.”

After Kelly hit Koreya, the two runners were left stranded to maintain a three-run lead, the Dodgers’ hard-working reliever taunted Koreya and had a few words for him as he made his way into the dugout . The two started jawing at each other, clearing both backs with no punches. A warning was issued for both sides, and Astros manager Dusty Baker met in close, heated conversation with crew chief Chris Gucci, though both wore face masks.

Tuesday’s game, a 5-2 Dodgers victory, marks the first time the Dodgers and Astro have met since stolen signs were detected by Astro and a trash can in 2017, by a method they were thrown at the Dodgers. Seven-game World Series victory. The Doggers expressed great anger towards the Astros during spring training. Once baseball resumed they tried to reduce the matchup, but hours before the first pitch, Dodgers outfielder Jock Pedersen admitted that motivation might have been added.

“History is clearly there,” Pedersen said. “Everyone knows what’s at stake and what’s happened. To not be a fan, maybe there might be a slight lack of energy sometimes. I don’t think that will be the case for this series.”

Kelly threw three consecutive balls to Bregman, one of which was none and a Dodgers sixth. The fourth pitch, at 96.4 mph, left behind Bregman. Bregman didn’t say a word, and Kelly yawned. He later raised four consecutive pitches to Guerillale, one of them hitting a curly loom that nearly hit him. In the first two pitches Koreya, also the attachment curve, brushed him back. Kelly then broke those four more pitches and eventually threw Coria short and far on the pitch.

Correa, who scored the Astros’ first two runs, publicly cheated on Cody Bellinger during spring training, saying Bellinger was speaking casually, saying that Astro had “cheated for three years” and Jose Altuve had “Aaron judge” Stole an MVP from.

Clayton Kershaw was among those on the injury list who looked back at Koreya after clearing the benches.

Before the game, the Dodgers manager Dave Roberts insisted that there would be no retaliation.

“I’m not looking like that,” he said. “I don’t want to divert my attention from winning tonight and tomorrow.”


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