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Cleaning a fish tank makes the whole family seriously ill

Chris Matthews and his family of six people ended up seriously ill when they were cleaning a fish tank in their house. The tank released a deadly poison from a coral when it was driven. The incident happened last week.

Matthews says more people should be aware of how dangerous this could be. His family and four firefighters became ill after the incident last week in Steventon, Oxfordshire. They moved and cleaned their aquarium coral last week when they developed flu-like symptoms and some eye problems. The couple was moving the contents of a fish tank to an aquarium in their room. They had taken a coral-covered rock in the fish tank and rubbed it. What they did not realize was that it was a coral and rubbing it to remove the poisonous palytoxin toxin. They closed the door and went to sleep keeping the poison in the air of the bedroom they were inhaling. All woke up stunned, breathless, coughing and feeling sick.

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Image credit: Dmitrijs Mihejevs / Shutterstock

27 years Matthews said they did not know that coral released palytoxin in the air they breathed This is one of the most lethal substances known to man, he said, and one gram can kill 80 people according to sources, and shortly after touching the coral, he said he began to feel out of breath and developed a cough and fever. He felt like a "serious pneumonia." Soon everyone in the family, including Matthews' girlfriend, his parents, his sister and his boyfriend, caught the disease, and the two dogs also showed symptoms of the disease. emergency services … He shudders to think what would have happened if the and had spent another night in the bedroom where the aquarium was placed or if there was a child or an elderly person at home. Four firefighters attended the scene and also became ill along with the six members of the family. The 10 were transferred to the John Radcliffe hospital after the poisoning.

The ambulance and the fire brigades of Abingdon and Didcot and the police of the Thames Valley arrived at the area around 20:20 on Monday, March 26 and cordoned off the region. Within a few hours, three of the family and firefighters were discharged from the hospital, while others had to be retained for further observation and testing.

Matthew explained that he knew about corals and pulsating xenia, which is a coral plague. He said that it is well known by people familiar with fish that when xenia is ingested it can release palytoxin which is dangerous. This was the first time he realized that the toxin can become airborne if pulsating xenia is removed from the water. He said that most people who buy these corals are not aware of this danger and would want to raise awareness by sharing their experience.


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