Classification of the four classes of the ‘Outriders’ show, so far

Alright, well, I finally managed to get through the Outriders demo by taking all four classes to max level, which is only 7 for now, which gives you two skill points and four skills total. There’s a lot more to develop as the game is designed around a pretty deep build, but I think it’s time for my top-tier ranking list based on what I’ve seen so far.

Obviously this depends on the drops you’ve obtained, as there could certainly be gear that increases the power of one move or another, but just for my overall playtime, this is how I would rank the four classes of Outriders right now.

1. Cheater

Of all the classes, it’s hard to say that any are more fun to me than Trickster, who uses teleportation and the ability to slow down time to be the best “in your face” class, despite not being a tank on the line. base.

It’s hard to even pick a favorite Trickster skill. The sword that seemingly ages enemies to death? Does the teleporter behind them move for an instant shotgun or melee shot? But the best and most attractive has to be the slow time bubble, which slows down enemies. Y their bullets, creating some of the best combat moments in the game. The class just flows, and it rarely feels like it needs to be tucked away and can instead remain action-oriented. This was the last class I tried, but definitely my favorite.

2. Devastator

I had to look up the name of this class because I keep calling it “Geodude”, but you are Geodude, locking yourself in rocks and causing earthquakes in your path.

This is another class where you “really don’t need to be very covered” where you gain health from killing nearby enemies, but unlike Trickster, the plan here is to be a roaming tank. The earthquake moves are a big disruption, and we’ve seen subsequent moves that have you skewering enemies with stalactites (stalagmites?), And it’s just a joy to play. I don’t understand the physics of the motion of “leaping back into the air and hitting an enemy like a rocket,” but I like it. I think this class plays best in groups, but it can still be a lot of fun alone.

3. Technomancer

For my money, Technomancer is probably the “best” kind of DPS I have used, as once you can run a bunch of their devices at the same time, the results are pretty unfair. The freeze turret in particular can hit 100% uptime, which means it always turns enemies into blocks of ice. The rocket salvo is probably the most damaging move in the demo.

Technomancer is lower here just because it feels … a bit like other existing classes in different games, like it’s straight out of The Division or something. It’s certainly effective, but in these early stages, I had more fun with the previous two because they felt unique. I still don’t feel that with Technomancer, even if they are very effective in combat.

4. Pyromancer

This was the first class I tried, and I’m running it on PC while the other three are on console. It’s still fun, and the “instantly draw health out of an enemy move” in particular is especially good, but this kit so far hasn’t really done it for me, and it hasn’t worked in terms of overall damage either. Naturally, it’s the only class I’ve found a legendary in so far, because of course it is.

I’ll give it more time and I still think it might be fun, but if I had to sort order like I’m here, Pyromancer comes last for now. That could change in the future.

So who is your favorite?

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