Clallam County reports more than 30 COVID cases on Friday, beginning on Friday.

Port Angeles – There has been a new upsurge in COVID-19 cases.

In the points reported Monday for Clam County, there are 16 new cases. The number of Mondays has increased after reports of 14 cases over the weekend.

County Health Officer Drs. Allison Berry Anhank says she has four different outbreaks to contact her staff. The cases relate to a long-term care facility we reported earlier. Another outbreak is at a health facility. A third is shown in an assembly. The fourth outbreak is associated with a church.

Anhanks says we are starting to see a pressure on our healthcare system, and she says that the region is entering one of the most important weeks of our response yet. She is urging people to rally and double safe physical disturbances, avoid gathering and wear masks.

There are now 56 active COVI9-19 cases in Clam County. There have been 348 cases since March. Currently, no one is hospitalized in Clallam County for COVID-19 and there have been two deaths since March.

But the latest spike pushes 71 per 100,000 cases for the past two weeks. It is inching the county closer to the high transition rate category, and closer to a trigger point that could shut down in-school school classrooms.

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