Claire Bronfman labeled ‘hunter’ by Nxivm victims

A handful of women traumatized by Nxivm on Wednesday appeared in front of Seagram’s successor, Claire Bronfman, calling her a “dangerous megalith” and “predator” for controlling the unholy sex cult.

Nine women made emotional victim impact statements in Brooklyn federal court ahead of Bronfman’s sentence.

“Have you ever thought they wanted your money? What would happen if you stopped giving your money?” Asked Susan Dawns, who ran from the alleged self-help group. “In my opinion, you’re a hunter Huh. Let it sink. ”

Bronfman – who gripped her lawyer’s hand as tightly as she could – got ready to learn if she would be jailed for her role in Nxivm.

The 41-year-old daughter of the late former Seagram Liquor president Edgar Bronfman Sr. pleaded guilty last August to a charge of conspiracy and identity fraud to conceal an illegal alien for financial gain.

He turned his $ 210 million fortune into Nxivm – running a secret master-slave sex group called DOS that starved young women, forced them to sleep with leader Keith Raniere, and They were branded with initials.

“You must understand that there are lives you have destroyed,” Dawns continued. “If you had allowed that truth to come to the surface, DOS would never have happened. What you call Nxivm’s Humanity is a pig’s lipstick. ”

The Dons then accuse Bryanman of being still under Ranier’s purview.

“I pray for you every day,” she said. “I pray that you will exclude Keith Queen’s class from you … because he is killing you.”

Kristin Keefe, who worked with Bronfman for 11 years as a paralegal, also recounts how her one-time boss helped Ranierre pay child support for the son they shared.

“I saw Clare mentally descending into a dangerous epidemic for many years,” said Keefe, who fled in 2014 with his son Galian, who is now 13 years old.

Bronfman also made a financial attack on her when she protested a lawsuit against the queen’s ex-girlfriend, Barbara Boucher, Kiefe said – by billing her rent for an Nxivm townhouse, she would pay $ 13,000 to $ 55,000-per. Reducing the year’s salary to $ 13,000.

Meanwhile, the wine’s successor “rode a $ 1 million horse, bought a 6,500-square-foot mansion and flew in an $ 11 million private jet,” she said.

“He was trying to break me psychologically,” Keeffe said.

Boucher told Bronfman – the ex-high-ranking Nxivm leader who had recently refused to deny Raniere – that the man they called “pawn” used him as “pawn”.

“Claire, do you realize they lie to you?” You felt that you are in the inner circle. You were six layers, ”she said. “He used you. He pats you. He made you feel special. ”

After collapsing their statements, the women fell into a packed court room before stopping the judge’s order after keeping silence for about three minutes.

Bronfman faces 30 months behind bars, but prosecutors have asked that he be sentenced to jail twice – five years. Her lawyers are calling for three years of probation.


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