Cindy McCain says Arizona GOP censorship is ‘badge of honor’

John McCain’s widow was gunned down by Arizona State Republicans for failing to support President Trump – and she took it in stride.

“It is a high honor to be included in a group of Arizonans who have served our state and our nation so well … and who, like my late husband John, have been turned down by AZGOP. I honor it. As a badge of, “Cindy McCain Tweeted Saturday evening.

By midnight, the comment received 125,000 likes on Twitter, where “Mrs. McCain was trending.

Trump had maligned McCain’s Vietnam War hero and US senator husband – who was shot and shot by North Vietnamese soldiers during the war at the time, which led to his torture.

Trump once claimed that John McCain was only considered a hero because he was captured, and said, “I like people who were not captured.”

Arizona state Republicans formally suspended Cindy McCain on Saturday as she crossed party lines to support Joe Biden for president, “endorsing global policies and candidates” and “her husband’s” Condemned President Trump for the criticism and behaved unfairly over the actual presidential results, ” reported.

After supporting Biden in September, Cindy McCain said she was the only candidate in the race who stands out for us as a nation. “

The party also stopped Arizona Gov. Doug Daisy, as he restricted “personal freedom” with emergency regulations during the epidemic, and former Sen. Jeff Flake, an Erzonan, whose alleged inaccurate statements condemned the Republican Party ” Had gone, rejected populism, and rejected it. The interests of the American people over global interests. ”

In response, Flake Tweeted two photos At the opening of Biden himself, with Cindy McCain and Daisy, with the caption, “Good company.”

“If President Trump’s behavior is needed to stay on the good days of AZGOP, then I’m just fine on the outside,” Flake Also written.

Arizona proved an important swing state that Biden won.


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