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Cindy Hyde-Smith vs. Mike Espy

Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith will win the Mississippi Senate elections, holding a seat in the Republican Party despite comments that stoked racial tensions in the state and sparked a backlash from donor, NBC News projects.

Hyde-Smith's victory secured a 53-47 majority for Senate Republicans at the next Congress, which begins in January. It gives Trump a boost, as it will boost the confirmation of more conservative judges and possible changes in the US tax code. UU And the health care system.

The Democrats will take control of the House in January, which will make it difficult for the Republican Party to achieve its political objectives.

Hyde-Smith won a contest in which she joked at a campaign event about attending a "hung public" in the middle of a race against Espy, a black man. The comments evoked the history of racist violence in Mississippi, and Espy said they gave the state a "black eye" and "old, rejuvenated stereotypes."

Hyde-Smith apologized to "anyone who was offended," but his refusal to answer reporters' questions about the comments and his campaign's decision not to explain them further provoked further criticism. Numerous corporate donors to the Hyde-Smith campaign, including Walmart and AT & T, requested refunds.

Espy, who served as the representative of EE. UU Mississippi and Secretary of Agriculture of President Bill Clinton, failed to overcome the conservative tendencies of the state. Mississippi supported Trump by approximately 18 percentage points in 2016.

However, Hyde-Smith looked like he would win by a smaller margin than other recent Republican candidates across the state. He had an advantage of around 10 percentage points with 80 percent of the vote on Tuesday night, according to NBC News.

Republican Senator Roger Wicker won re-election on November 6 by approximately 19 percentage points. Cochran led the state by approximately 23 percentage points in 2014.

Underscoring the narrowness of Tuesday's race, Trump tried to take advantage of his popularity during demonstrations in the state on Monday that support Hyde-Smith. While trying to mobilize the Conservatives, Trump chose Hyde-Smith as the champion of his agenda.

Hyde-Smith, 59, becomes the first woman elected to the Mississippi Senate.

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