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CINDY DAY: Pink moon rising | Alive

The full moon rises on Sunday night

The full moon of April is commonly referred to as the "full pink moon". However, like most full moons, it comes with some nicknames: it is also known as the "moon full of shoots", "The" moon full of eggs "and the" moon full of fish ".

It does not For a long time, I was talking with some 5th grade students who were studying the meteorological unit, the subject of the moon was mentioned and the "moon full of sap" was mentioned, a small child raised his hand and asked why we give to the moon fill a different name every month

Centuries ago, time was not recorded when using the months in a calendar Many cultures recorded time observing the seasons and phases of the moon The name given to the moon each month describes activities that occurred during that time, for example, the full pink moon is one of the traditional Native American names given to the full moon in April, it has nothing to do with the color of the moon, but comes from the wild terrestrial phlox that It is one of the The first bloomers in the middle and east of the United States.

The moon full of grass shoots is obvious. The moon full of eggs was inspired by the birds that were beginning to lay eggs after a long winter. The full moon of fish refers to the many fish they breed after a significant temperature change that often occurs in April.

Grandmother looked at the moon very closely. She believed that the period between the full moon and the last quarter of the moon was the best time to kill weeds, prune and plant underground crops. I see a few hectic days ahead!

By the way, here is something that the grandmother could not share with me, but the grandmother of another person yes! Apparently, the full moon is considered unlucky if it happens on a Sunday, as it happens this month on April 29, but it is lucky on Monday or the "lunar" day.

On this date in the history of time

On April 28, 1999, a powerful spring storm swept the Canadian Atlantic with wind, rain, ice and snow. In less than 24 hours, 71 mm of rain had fallen at St. John's Airport, N.L. A raw easterly wind blew all day with gusts of over 90 km / h. In P.E.I., the snow started just after noon and did not change to rain until the next morning. The wind was wild with gusts of more than 100 km / h. On the Confederation Bridge, a burst of 112 km / h was recorded.

On a warmer note, on this date in 2009, it was 27 C in New Glasgow, NS, and 30 C in Greenwood and Halifax.

Cindy Day is the chief meteorologist for the SaltWire Network.

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