Cincinnati Reds player tests positive for coronovirus

A Cincinnati Reds player tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, jeopardizing the team’s game Saturday against the Pittsburgh Pirates and ruled by another outbreak of the game, a pair of outbreaks of the season The opening week was severely affected, sources told ESPN.

The teams were reported to test positive after their game in Cincinnati on Friday. The report came on the eve of the positive St. Louis Cardinals, who have not played since July 29, returning to the field against the Chicago Cubs.

Athletic was the first to report that a Reds player tested positive.

Outside of St. Louis, Major League Baseball had not tested any positives in the past two weeks, raising hopes in the game that after the outbreak between the Cardinals and the Miami Marlins in pre-season, that the game could find a period of calm.

This won’t happen in the next few days, as the Reds begin the contact-tracing process and potentially isolate players who come into contact with the infected player.

Many times the Reds have feared COVID-19 issues, only for them to be unfounded. Third baseman Mike Mowcakas and outfielder Nick Senzel reported symptoms and spent days on the injured list before negative tests and allowed him to be reinstated. First baseman Joey Votto spent a day on IL before returning. And while the infant Matt Davidson tested positive, follow-up tests were negative, due to the belief that his first result was a false positive.

The Reds are likely to undergo testing beyond the standard-every-day saliva test, and the incubation period for the virus is believed to be between two and 10 days, with a possible postponement of Saturday’s game until Sunday and beyond. . Sources said

MLB’s deepest concern is potential team-to-team transmission. No positive cases of on-field transmission were shown after the July series against the Marlins on the Philadelphia Phillies, nor on the Minnesota Twins, who last played the Cardinals. Pirates may nevertheless be subjected to increased testing.

The Reds, a fashionable presiden playoff pick, went 9–11 with an 8–1 win against the Pirates on Friday.


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