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A new investigation of EE. UU He has discovered that, despite their reputation for being safer than cigarettes, cigarettes can be so harmful and addictive and contain as much, or more, nicotine.

Conducted by researchers at the Penn State School of Medicine, the team compared the nicotine supply in eight common brands of "small" or "filtered" cigarettes against two types of cigarettes commonly used in research.

Nicotine levels were measured by collecting the smoke from each cigarette with a smoking machine in the laboratory, which "smokes" the product using two different methods to account for the different ways in which people smoke.

One method, the International Standardization Organization (ISO), involves the machine taking two second puffs every 60 seconds, with no filter vents blocked.

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With the Canada Intense (CI) method, t The machine also takes inhalations of two seconds, but 30 seconds apart and with ventilation holes blocked with tape.

Nicotine was then extracted and badyzed in both groups.

The team found that with both methods, the level of nicotine for small cigars was higher than for cigars.

When the ISO method was used, the mean average nicotine delivered by the small cigars was 1.24 milligrams per cigar compared to 0.87 in cigarettes, and when the IC method is used, the average nicotine delivered for small cigars it was 3.49 milligrams per cigarette compared to 2.13 mg in cigarettes.

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"For me, the amount of nicotine in some of these brands was surprising," said badociate researcher Reema Goel.

"One brand in particular, a clove-flavored option, had the highest nicotine delivery and is also a very popular brand.It is interesting that it tastes like cloves, because such high levels of nicotine cause nausea, and maybe that clove flavor is there to relieve that nausea. "

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" It seems that there is a perception in the public that cigars are not as harmful as cigarettes, "Goel added. "But our study shows that nicotine is quite high in this clbad of cigarettes, and the future regulation that affects cigarettes should also affect these cigars."

John Richie, professor of public health sciences and pharmacology at Penn State School of Medicine, added that studying the different levels of nicotine in products is crucial because it is the chemical that drives addiction.

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"Nicotine is the reason why people smoke cigars, as well as why they smoke cigarettes", said Richie.

"These products are basically cigarettes, they are just as harmful to you as cigarettes, if not more," he added. "It is very important that the consumer understands that these are not less harmful products and that the regulations include these small cigarettes with cigarettes."

The findings can be found published online in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research.

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