Chuck Schumer starts with the word Senate –

Chuck Schumer starts with the word Senate

Washington Sen. Chuck Schumer will face immediate challenges when he becomes majority leader later this month, Democrats in a minority four years later and two months in limbo.

Following a pair of party victories in Georgia this week, the New York Democrat is now positioned to lead an equally divided Senate in the debate over the next coronovirus relief package, beating Republicans and putting their party’s competitive wings , While the presidential-election whatever is happening is Biden’s cabinet nominee and possibly the impeachment case.

“We’re sure that wasn’t the most direct route to get here, but here we are,” Mr. Schumer said this week. The Democrats will officially control the 50-50 chamber once Georgia’s winner is certified, and Kamala Harris will be elected Vice President on January 20 and is able to hold a stunning turnout.

The controversial implications of Georgia’s victory – which would hand over Democrat control of both Congress and the White House for the next two years – sparked a violent attack on the Capitol on Wednesday by a violent mob of supporters of President Trump. Mr. Schumer and the Senate’s current majority leader, Mitch McConnell (R, Ky.), Had their first discussion about the innings coming from a safe spot during the attack on the Capitol, an aide said.

Starting in late January, Mr. Schumer will be the epicenter of Democrats ‘efforts to see how Mr. Biden’s agenda can become law in times of bitter distrust between the two parties, competitive between Democrats’ centrist and liberal wings Interests, and seeks to respond to the health and economic decline of the coronovirus epidemic.


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