Chuck Grassley, 87-year-old Iowa GOP senator, split after coming in contact with Kovid

Grassley, who is president pro tempore, the most senior Republican in the chamber, is 87 years old, putting him at a vulnerable age to contract the virus.

If Grassley misses Tuesday’s votes because he is falling apart, he will miss his first vote since 1993 when he missed out on flooding in his state, according to his office.

“I found out today that I have been exposed to coronovirus,” he said in a statement from his office. “I will follow my doctors’ orders and quarantine immediately as I await my test results. I am feeling well and not currently experiencing any symptoms, but it is important that we All follow public health guidelines to keep each other healthy. “

Grassley is the second GOP senator within a week to announce that he is parting after a possible Kovid performance. Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott Said on saturday That he was “isolated after coming in contact with someone who later tested positive for COVID.”

Grassley was seen talking to reporters at the Capitol on Monday afternoon.

At least two members of the US House of Representatives announced on Monday that they tested positive for Kovid-19 and another member announced that he was possibly falling apart after being exposed, an emerging threat of coronovirus on Capitol Hill sign of.

The threat of coronovirus since the epidemic has been a constant influence on the leaders of both parties and the congressional chambers, and how the response of MPs has increased amid a fresh wave of widespread cases in the country.

Grasley’s announcement also comes a day after a dispute on the Senate floor when Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherord Brown was recognized by Alaskan GOP Sen. Dan Sullivan and asked Sullivan to apply a face mask.

Referring to Sullivan, Brown said, “I speak to the presiding officer by asking that please wear a mask and there are people under them – I can’t tell you what to do.”

Sullivan replied, “I don’t wear masks like most senators when I’m speaking.”

Brown angrily replied: “I know you don’t need my instruction, but this body clearly has no interest in public health. We have a chairman who hasn’t been to the Coronovirus Task Force meeting in months Has shown. ” There is a majority leader who calls us back here to vote for a disqualified candidate, and to vote for judge after judge at the same time, exposing all those who cannot say anything, I I understand, people in front of you, and presiding officers, and expose all the staff here, and Majority Leaders simply don’t care. “

This story has been updated on Tuesday with additional development.


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