Chuck E. Cheese wants to destroy 7 billion prize tickets

It’s a lot of paper To fill 65 shipping containers, each 40 feet long, with small pieces of paper embossed with the image of the chain’s mascot, a rat named Rat.

And Chuck E. Cheese is enough to cash in for $ 9 million in prizes.

But soon, those tickets can be eagerly destroyed without ever being destroyed, the pizza-stained hands of young customers eating.

Chen, whose parent company filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, this week sought permission from a bankruptcy court judge to spend more than $ 2 million to buy and destroy a ticket, a June bankruptcy. Was printed before filing but never delivered.

Even before the epidemic, the series was shifting to e-tickets, which reduce the waiting time in the series Reduction in overall costs associated with 612 locations and tickets.

With the Kovid-19 epidemic, the shift was intensified to provide more contact-free service. But the rapid change left its suppliers clinging to a mountain of 7 billion printed stamps, which Chuck E. Cheese is no longer wanted or needed.

Chuck E.  The parent company files for cheese bankruptcy

Under bankruptcy law, a company must seek court permission to spend money on anything. Chuck E. Cheese’s lawyers argue that it is better to pay to destroy the tickets already produced, rather than risk them falling into the hands of the general public.

In its filing the company stated that $ 2.3 million proposed to spend it on tickets “It is a cost that is far less than the cost [company] Should these award tickets be circulated to the general public and… presented for redemption. ”

The bankruptcy court judge Marvin Isgur is yet to rule on the motion. But he has scheduled a virtual hearing for next week to consider it, along with other more pedestrian issues.