Google’s new Chromecast with Google TV was formally revealed at the company’s launch night event, but there’s one notable caveat: you can’t power it with your TV’s USB port. Unlike prior Chromecasts, this simply sucks too much power, so you’ll need to empty another outlet behind the entertainment center.

Note all the fine print below: “Chromecast with Google TV …. requires a nearby electrical outlet.”

Google stated that “a nearby electrical outlet” would be a requirement during its stream (in fine print at the bottom of the screen during a specific scene), and we have separately confirmed in our own testing that the Chromecast is a warning Gives message when you supply very little power. AP’s own Ryan Whatwam ran into the issue trying to use his TV’s USB port as a power source for the dongle: it simply couldn’t spit enough.

Google’s published specs don’t say how much power it needs, but most TVs have trouble pushing USB ports to a previous VV5V, and odds are there are yours, too, so you have to There should be a plan to create another way to plug in. Comes with a sufficiently powerful wall wart; You just need somewhere to plug it in.