If you’ve ever popped up an annoying (and perhaps private) Chrome notification while sharing your screen, you’re in luck – Chrome will now mute notifications by default when it detects that you’re sharing your screen. It should hit all accounts soon, but you can enable it manually if you want.

The facility is very straightforward; If you come while sharing your screen it will only hide the contents of incoming Chrome and Google chat notifications. Google had already muted notifications when sharing tabs in Google Meet, but now this will happen regardless of how you are sharing your screen.

It is now ending, and should reach almost all G Suite users within the next three days. If, however, you want to try it now, you can do this manually by enabling it in flags (chrome: // flags / # mute-notifications-of-screen-share). Our resident Chrome expert, Kent, has enabled this flag for a long time and has no problem with it.