Not long ago, Google upset many power users by changing a shortcut in Chrome related to custom searches. Instead of being able to follow a trigger word with a tap of the space bar to start the custom search, people were forced to use the tab key. Google quickly reversed the change when it became apparent that people weren’t willing to adjust their muscle memory as much, but the company isn’t done playing around with the shortcut yet. You are currently experimenting with requiring double tap space.

chrome: // flags / # omnibox-double-space-keyword-triggering

When enabled, a double tap on the space key will enter keyword mode, as opposed to a single tap.

We saw a flag in the latest development version of Chrome Canary. When enabled, it does exactly what you would expect: it switches the custom search trigger to double tap space instead of single tap. However, since Canary is the first public version of the browser in development, it could take quite a while until it reaches the stable version. And as with any of these experiments, Google could also decide to remove it entirely or opt for another solution.

We assume that the reason Google wants to change the spacebar gesture is because it introduces potential confusion for less advanced users. For example, if someone wants to start a Google search query with “” for some reason, they will automatically be sent to Amazon’s default custom search engine, a behavior that someone who is not married to their browser might not. . understand. That’s why Google wants to make it harder to trigger custom searches, and a double tapping on the space bar seems like a reasonable compromise between the muscle memory of power users and the accidental searches of ordinary people, far better than the tab requirement. , safe.