Chrome 87 rolling with significant speed improvement, more battery life

The last Chrome update of 2020 is rolling out and Google is improving performance by a handful. Chrome 87 includes a number of user-facing additions, along with tab throttling and improved resource management.

Google states that its browser version represents 87 ” Biggest Chrome Performance Gain In years. “This includes a 5x reduction in CPU usage by prioritizing what is in the background versus active tabs. According to Google’s internal benchmark, this increases battery life by 1.25 hours.

Behind the scenes, these “important fixes” are achieved by waking up a JavaScript timer in the background tab once a minute. It does not affect the playing of audio or notifications.

The next improvement sees Chrome up to 25% faster than before and pages loading up to 7% faster. This is done by the browser to find out which tabs are visible to users and optimize resources for those on hidden pages. After first launching on Mac and Chrome OS, the Corporation track is now coming to Windows.

Meanwhile, on Android, Google has proximity Instant page loading When navigating backward or forward through browser history.

In Chrome 87, our back / forward cache will make 20% of those back / forward navigations immediate, with plans to improve this to 50% in the near future through improvements and developer outreach.

Given the advent of tab grouping, as well as pinning, Chrome now allows users to see a list of all windows open, and then allows them Search for tab. A new dropdown icon in the top-right corner of the browser is first running on Chrome OS and later on other desktop platforms.

Omnibox will now surface Chrome verb Or shortcuts to common settings, such as clear browsing data, delete history, or edit passwords. A tapable chip will directly open that appropriate settings page.

Our first set of tasks initially available on the desktop – focuses on privacy and security, so you can increase your peace of mind with just a few clicks.

Finally, the new tab page will start soon Recently visited and related content card surfacing. On mobile, Chrome already features articles from Google Discover. The goal is to provide a way out of “where you’ve left off” while researching the web.

We are starting with some experiments in areas such as cooking and shopping, and we plan to add entertainment early next year.

Chrome 87 is getting one New pdf viewer Which changes the whole experience. The toolbar has a navigation drawer that shows thumbnail previews of all pages in the document. You can quickly jump to any page from the center of the control bar using it or by numeric entry.

Zoom controls are also here, with the ability to fit on the width / page and rotate. There is also annotation with the pen and highlighter tools, while the overflow menu has a two-page view.

Earlier this year, Google rolled out a Security check A feature in settings that tells you if Safe Browsing is enabled, is on the latest version of the browser, and if a password is compromised. It is coming to mobile with Chrome 87.

In the meantime, this release will allow Chrome to run on iOS Autofill saved login details In other applications or browsers.

Will be able to control Chrome 87 websites Pan, Tilt and Zoom On compatible cameras.

Chrome 87 will prevent MacOS, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS users from downloading Non-secure file type, (Such as .pdf and .docx) over HTTP on an HTTPS page. this “[file] Cannot safely download ”message is found in the download bar, while this version will start warning about image, audio, video and text formats.

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