Christopher Nolan says that his Batman films had an advantage over contemporary superhero films –

Christopher Nolan says that his Batman films had an advantage over contemporary superhero films


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With the relentless extravagance that is the modern release program of superhero movies, it can be easy to forget that the last film in the saga by Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight ] was only released five years ago. According to Nolan, more than time and quality separate their films from all the work that has come out since then.

Speaking at a BAFTA event in London, Nolan commented that his superhero films were the last time a mbad-produced serial production had what he called the "luxury" of time.

"It's a privilege and a luxury that filmmakers are no longer allowed," Nolan said. "I think it was the last time anyone could say to a studio, I could do another one, but it will be four years." There's too much pressure on the launch schedules for people to do it now, but creatively it's We had the privilege and the advantage of developing ourselves as people and as storytellers and then reuniting the family. "

Nolan is right. He, in particular, made a project of his own pbadion between each Batman movie he made. First Batman Begins then The Prestige . Then The Dark Knight followed by Inception before his final turn in the director's Bat-shaped chair for The Dark Knight Rises . And that remote moment shows, in the style and the cinematographic methods of Nolan, but also in the mood, the tone and the narrative of the three films. Each, despite continuing the same story, feels incredibly different from each other, taking advantage of a development of ideas and opinions that probably could not have happened without that extra time for the series to remain fallow.

However, that extra time is not the key to success either. The Dark Knight Rises was far from being universally loved, and although I'm not sure what the fandom consensus is now, at that time it was something of an ending point. So, you know, different punches and all that.


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