Christina Anstad changed her name on Instagram after her divorce from Ant Antid

Christina Ansted is going back to her roots.

The “Christina on the Coast” star, who is 37, made a subtle switch to Instagram, returning to Christina Hack’s name after her divorce from Antinast.

However, the handle for the HGTV star’s account still bears her second husband’s last name.

Christina’s personal life has undergone several changes since September, when she first announced on the social media platform that she and Anstead had taken a “difficult decision” to end their marriage.

Christina Annstadt New Maya Agello-Instituted Back Tattoo Amed Split From Husband NT: ‘Still I Rise’

Christina Ensted announced her and Ant Ansted’s divorce on Instagram in September last year.
(Alan Berezowski / Getty Images)

Earlier this month, the “Flip or Flop” co-host showed off a new Maya Angelou-inspired tattoo, stating that “Still I Rise” slashes down the middle of her back in a black cursive. She has also featured an adorable one for her family: a new Rotweiler puppy. Ant, meanwhile, has become vocal about the split, recently revealing that a separation was not what he wanted.

“I think everyone knows that it wasn’t my decision,” Ant previously told People magazine. “It really hit me very hard.”

Christina, meanwhile, is doing “great” while navigating the division, so she told her first ex-husband, Tarek Al Mousa, this month. The exiles still serve as co-hosts of their hit HGTV show “Flip or Flop”.

Christina and Tarek seem to have mastered the co-parenting of their two children – daughter Taylor, 10, and son Breyden, 5. She and Ant are also sharing time with their 16-month-old son, Hudson. . Over the weekend, Christina shared a selfie with Hot Hud in a small tub.

CHRISTINA wrote Lessons based Employee Representative in 2020, he wrote in ‘UNGRATEFUL’ at the time: ‘Wouldn’t be too bad’

“Cold weather spa days are the best days,” the TV personality captioned the photo.

The former 'Wheeler Dealers' host admitted late last year that it was not her decision to divorce Christina.  The two began dating in 2017 and were married a year later.

The former ‘Wheeler Dealers’ host admitted late last year that it was not her decision to divorce Christina. The two began dating in 2017 and were married a year later.
(Via Valerie Macon / AFP Getty Image)

Just before the new year, Christina announced that she would take a step back from Instagram to be “present” with her loved ones over the holidays.

She was also surrounded by criticisms shortly before social media trolls claimed she was an “absent mother”.

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Christina reacted at the time, “When I am told ‘You must be an absent mother because you are not with your children.’ “Wake up people. I hardly post anymore … and I don’t want to post my children on every single freaking day so that it’s a better parent competition. “

Christina argued that the lack of photographic evidence of time spent with her children does not warrant the charges leveled against her.

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“It means that the opposite – I’m with them – I exist,” she said. “So stop people embarrassing parents, stop choosing sides when there is no side to choose. My point is – when you see stuff here, take it all with a grain of salt Go. There’s a whole lot of filters and fake smiles. ‘We’re guilty of failing this too. We’re all struggling – some of us are better at doing this’ king masking’. “

Christina and Ant began dating in 2017 and married a year later in a ceremony in Newport Beach, California.

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