Christina Aguilera kicks off the ‘body’ of Megan the Stallion to celebrate her 40th birthday

Christina Aguilera has no problem saying goodbye to her 30s.

The Ageless songwriter turned 40 on Friday and shared a fun, sassy video in preparation for hitting the major milestone.

On Thursday, the star asked to share a brief clip on social media, which proves that even after all these years, she is still found.

The video begins in Aguilera’s feet with black and gold heels. The camera then pulls off the singer’s legs and body, revealing her matching black and gold bodysuit as Megan Thea stallion’s “body” plays. She also sported a long ponytail in her signature platinum golden color.

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After a few moments, the star confidently passes under a hallway to the song’s rhythm.

Just before the video ends, Aguilera flips her long braid and turns towards the camera, the camera features a kissing sound, offering a sultry glance as Megan’s song “Mwah.”

“40 is coming for you!” She captioned the video.

The video caught the attention of the 25-year-old rapper, who also shared it on his own Instagram story, which added several smiling emojis with hearts for eyes.

The post offered praise and birthday wishes for the star in the comments.

Cristina Ezilera told of a ‘Big Debate’ which came to be known as ‘Economic’ to know about ‘Big Ebonic’.

“Thank you for being such a great role model in every age!” A fan wrote on Instagram. “You give confidence and keep fighting, no problem. Happy birthday!”

“I never saw a 40-year-old man this good,” said another.

Former reality star Paris Hilton said: “She’s hot.”

Christina Aguilera celebrated her 40th birthday with a song by Megan Thee Stallion. (Photo by Fraser Harrison / Getty Image)

“Beautiful” singer Megan Thea has proved to be a huge fan of The Stallion, sharing her appreciation for her hit “WAP” over the summer.

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The star shared a photo while relaxing in a swimming pool, wearing a white swimming outfit, sunglasses, a silver necklace and bright red lips.

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“#WAP made me feel some type,” she captioned the photo in reference to the hip-hop hit, also featured by Cardi B.

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