Christian group launching ads on Trump ‘used Christianity for their purposes’

A bipartisan coalition of Christians is forming a political action committee aimed at weakening President TrumpDonald John Trumptwo ethics groups call the House to return to big rallies after COVID-19 diagnosis to begin impeachment investigation against Barr Trump McGrath: McConnell ‘can’t get it done’ on COIDID-19 relief ‘Gospel stands with voters.

The Associated Press reported that Super PAC, Not Our Faith, plans to buy a six-figure ad targeting evangelical and Catholic voters in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The ad accuses the president of exploiting Christian rhetoric and iconography for self-serving purposes, specifically citing teargas and his photo outside St. John’s Episcopal Church earlier this year. Cleaned the Lafette Square with pepper spray.

“[Christians] Trump is not needed to save them. The truth is that according to the AP, Trump needs Christians to save his flowing campaign.

The group’s advisory council includes former Obama administration faith advisors Michael Ware and Sharad Vandehi, who worked as an aide to former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas). Other members include former Catholic Relief Services CEO Caroline Y. Wu as well as Rev. Alvin Love, who serves as the faith-based initiative of the National Baptist Convention.

“Trump kicked off 2016 with unprecedented support from white evangelicals and noted, a really strong performance among Catholics. We’re going after all this,” Pahan told AP. “We think this election Christian support is on the table. ”

Trump has worked to increase his support among religious voters ahead of the election, who baselessly claim the Democratic nominee Joe BidenJoe BidenMcConnell Challenger Court Packing Question ‘Hamilton’ Returns to Big Rallies after Trump Relishes COVID-19 Diagnosis for Reunion for Biden FundraiserA practicing Catholic, as president would “hurt God”.

White evangelical voters are the most supportive of the demographics, with a poll after St. Janes Photo Op approving his performance as president at 72 percent. However, Wear said that the diversity of Christians in the US provides ample opportunities for outreach.

He added that the goal of the Super-PAC is to “reach and appeal to diverse alliances of Christians … as we hope that a diverse coalition of Christians will oppose the reintegration of Donald Trump,” he said.


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