Chrissy Teigen is using Botox to treat ‘really bad pregnancy headaches’

The model / TV star / food maven / media personality is expecting baby number three with her husband, singer and actor John Legend, and was recently approved to receive Botox take to Twitter to share took.

Not for fine lines and wrinkles, but for headaches.

“I get really bad pregnancy headaches,” Teijan tweeted. “Was thrilled to have Botox neck muscle with a crazy combo of doctor terms with beta blocker shots and radio wave frequencies. Either way this guy is too bad, but I see the light at the end . ”

Botox is a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which works by weakening or crippling specific muscles or blocking certain nerves.

Physicians inject Botox to smooth facial wrinkles and cause health problems such as severe sweating, uncontrollable eyelid nap, chronic migraines, hyperactive bladder and neurological disorders that cause muscle contractions and neck and shoulder pain.

After more information was sought by one of his followers, Teigen stated that “JO Botox was essential to my regular headache for my grinding.”

“You can also do the back of an eyebrow for Migraine,” she wrote. “life changing.”

Botox can reduce depression in addition to wrinkles, study finds

Another follower stated that she was unable to obtain Botox while pregnant.

“Yes, if you have the means to go to a neurologist instead of a cosmetic then it’s much better and safer because they talk to your OB,” Teijn tweeted.

Last month Teagan and Legend used their new music video for the single “Wild” to reveal their pregnancy.
The couple are already parents to daughter, Luna, 4, and parents, 2.