Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Lose Baby After Pregnancy Complaints

Model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen said late Wednesday that she and her husband, musician John Legend, had lost their third child, a son, days after posting on social media about pregnancy complications.

“Taking a child home from a hospital,” Ms. Teejan wrote on Twitter. “How can it be real.”

Ms. Tigan also posted a black-white photo on Twitter and Instagram showing her sitting in bed in the hospital, with her hands in prayer posture, immersed in tears.

Ms. Teagan was hospitalized a few days ago, and it was unclear how far she was in pregnancy. Last month, she accidentally stated that she was expecting a child.

In an emotional post with the photo, Ms. Teijan wrote on Wednesday that she and Mr. Legend, 41, had not decided the names of their other two children until just before leaving the hospital. The couple has a daughter, Luna, 4, and a son, Miles, 2.

“But we had started calling this little man in my stomach Jack, for some reason,” he told his 44 million followers on the platforms. “Then he will always be Jack for us.”

In many ways, Ms. Teigen and Mr. Legend, who live in Los Angeles and own property in New York City, are the quintessential American celebrity power couple for the social media era.
She began creating a public profile a decade ago, most notably as a swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated. Her profile transcended the fashion world, and she used her love of cooking to publish cookbooks.

Ms. Teijan gathered millions of followers, who praised her often-articulate and bold statements on stage – and her desire not to back down from the fight.

Last year, Ms. Teigen and Mr. Legend publicly molested President Trump, who called him a “dirty talk” in a Twitter post. Ms. Tigan fired back with the expativa – including one that Mr. Trump famously used in a recording shortly before the 2016 presidential election – and Spat Spread fast.

It has also used social media to advocate progressive causes.

For example, in 2015, he launched Ferguson, Mo. Spoke in support of the protesters, and led a celebrity-driven campaign for reproductive rights at a planned parenthood clinic in Colorado.

She has also been the target of vitriol on stage, and as it has reacted to the loss of the couple, along with many others Comedian Sarah Silverman Expressing sympathy, the hash tag “Oh Chrissy” was co-opted by Ms. Tigan’s critics.

Earlier this week, Ms. Teejan appeared in good spirits even after being hospitalized. In one video, he Joked with her husband, Who apparently thought his hospital room had brought a minibar. Another video showed him Making sandwiches.

But on Tuesday, Ms. Teigen wrote On Twitter she had just experienced “really scary morning”

“Huge clot, almost saveable,” she wrote. “The scramble to hear the heartbeat sounded like hours. I never thought I’d feel so relieved in my liiiiife.”

Ms. Teagan wrote on Wednesday that despite several blood transfusions, her child was not able to get the fluids she needed.

“We are surprised and the kind of deep pain you hear about that kind of pain we have never felt before,” she wrote.

“In this dark days, we will grieve, we will cry our eyes out,” she said. “But we will embrace and love each other and get through it.”

Later on Wednesday, Mr. Legend wrote on Twitter, “We love you, Jack,” followed by five black hearts.

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