Chris Wallace suppresses’ Election ‘fraud’ lies of Trump and Fox News stars

As premature President Donald Trump declared ahead of time and false in the 2020 race on Wednesday morning, Fox News’ Chris Wallace was among the first to condemn the irresponsible and dangerous comments. “This is a very inflammatory situation; The president just threw a match in it, ”he told the audience.

Now, Joe Biden closes in on a narrow electoral victory, with Wallace actively pushing back on allegations of “fraud” that are coming from not only the Trump campaign, but also from many of his Fox News colleagues.

“As far as the lawsuits are concerned, it is certainly the president and his delegates empowered to file them,” Wallace told Fox’s Dana Perino. “You go back, as I do, to 2000. We saw a serious legal case there. There was a difference of 537 votes between Gore and Bush in Florida. You had the question of the butterfly ballot and the hanging rods. Such That seems to have been a very valid issue for litigation. “

Given that Perino first asked Fox reporter John Roberts, “Is there any hard evidence of fraud?” Wallace replies, “It doesn’t seem so far. There seems to be some allegations but no hard evidence. Nothing else rises to the level that there can be enough fraud to switch votes when you Talking about thousands and thousands of votes for two candidates. “


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