Chris Mack of Louisville goes on a hilarious rant and then allows Kentucky to change the annual game date

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A scheduling quarrel in the Commonwealth of Kentucky was resolved through social media on Tuesday. A date and time were set after Kentucky coach John Calipari went on record to say a game between Louisville and Kentucky “[Chris Mack’s Cardinals] Choose not to play, “Mack went on an uncontrolled rant on Calipari and the UK, throwing a shadow at the Hall of Fame coach and being mostly sarcastic, being flexible with Kentucky’s schedule.

The coach said, “I am asking if we are playing sport? Are you scared, are you a chicken? Won’t you play Kentucky? ‘For the UK series, I want to make the most convenient for John and his program, “said Mac.” You believe that, okay? That I want to do what’s best for John?

Mac then told the beans about the originally scheduled December 12 game talks and how Britain was thus inflexible in its rescheduling with Louisville. He said let’s take a look at how Kentucky proceeded to try to move one of Lewisville’s ACC games and make it work.

“Listen,” Mac continued, “I don’t want to stand in the way of college basketball’s best rivalry. Whatever is most convenient for Coach Cal, we’ll do it. Yum! Look again at the center. Get the card.”

Calipari weighed in shortly after a video response – which would be completely epic for Twitter to handle – but with a two-sentence tweet that completely solved the problem.

“See you on December 26” he said. “can not wait!”

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There was some back-and-forth between the two on Tuesday about the rescheduling of the game and the possibility that the two sides might not reach an agreement, but Mac’s video brought heat to the conversation and quickly caught fire. And as such, whether he is a demonstrative rant or not Mack, one of the best rivals in all sports is back.

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