The first trailer of & # 39; 12 Strong & # 39;, starring Chris Hemsworth, the true story of the green berets that go into combat in Afghanistan after September 11 on horses.

Mitch Nelson (Chris Hemsworth, center) leads his Green Berets on horseback against Taliban fighters in & # 39; Strong & # 39; (Photo: David James)

Sans magic Hammer, Chris Hemsworth's career as a male leader is irregular at best. It seems he only needed co-stars from horses.

Star Thor saddles as captain of the Army Special Forces at 12 Fort (★★ ½ out of four; R rating; in theaters across the country the Friday), a commendable war drama based on the first US military offensive in Afghanistan after September 11.

Director's action film Nicolai Fuglsig, based on the 2009 book by Doug Stanton Horse Soldiers, isn & # 39; Is it particularly innovative in terms of telling genre stories: abrupt officers, chewers on stage and local dramas? Verify and verify However, the film successfully enters the diplomacy of the time and mine the fragile emotions in those early days of the war on terror. Also in his favor: an exciting battle with good boys in equine transport. an army of tanks and missile launchers.

After a couple of years of training with his Green Berets unit, Captain Mitch Nelson (played by Hemsworth) has transferred to a comfortable desk job when he and his family see in horror how two planes collide with World Trade Center. Although he has never seen a fight, Mitch struggles to be redeployed with Chief Petty Officer Hal Spencer (Michael Shannon) and the rest of his men, who volunteer to go to Afghanistan as part of Task Force Dagger. The mission unites its elite squad with the Afghan caudillo general Dostum (Navid Negahban) to recover the Taliban-controlled premises, fight an enemy force of 50,000 fighters and deal a blow to al-Qaeda.

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The problem? The Green Berets have to come into conflict on horseback due to the mountains, and Mitch has to make friends with Dostum and soften the sentiments when a parallel mission involving a rival general in the Northern Alliance of Antithean occurs.

Unlike his non-superhero the star becomes Blackhat and Huntsman films, the charisma and the physical presence of Hemsworth really appear here: in the crazy situation of soldiers horse faced with an armored division, at least it looks strong enough to survive the experience. The mountainous terrain offers spectacular views and an intriguing battlefield for the cast.

Mitch Nelson (Chris Hemsworth, left) designs strategies with General Dostum (Navid Negahban) in the war drama & # 39; 12 Strong. & # 39; (Photo: David James)

The clear lack of character development in the adaptation of Ted Tally and Peter Craig does not help the various members of Mitch's Green Beret battalion: most of them have more facial hair than personality. The exception is Moonlight featured Trevante Rhodes, whose sergeant develops a close friendship with a young Afghan.

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What 12 Strong refers to in a real, albeit fleeting, way to continue with all that horse-over-tank action, is the commitment to service after the fateful day in 2001. Mitch and his troops They do not have to think much about Counterattacking, however, they are divided between duty and the families they choose to leave behind. Mitch's wife (played by Hemsworth's wife in real life, Elsa Pataky) takes it mainly by knowing him, making him promise to return home, although Spencer's offers a savage reprimand: "I'll love you when you get back."

There is the thrilling excitement necessary, without a doubt, and also the huge battle pieces that a war drama demands, although 12 Strong goes a little too high with its action-packed climax: obviously, the horses they really could not be used in the most heartbreaking danger, and the visual effects are doubtful at certain times. However, the machismo of Hemsworth is real, and during two hours devastated by the war, he will forget that emblematic hammer of his.

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