Chris Harrison remembers ‘sneaking around’ with girlfriend Lauren Zima in a 2-year anniversary post

It is a two-year love for Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima.

Entertainment Tonight A reporter sitting in the airplane looking out of the window. “data-reactid =” 22 “>” This was the first crazy leap of faith you took for me and with me two years ago. We were running around to get to know each other, have fun and fall in love, “he wrote with a black-and-white photo Entertainment Tonight The reporter sitting in the airplane while looking out of the window.

The 49-year-old Harrison wrote, “I’ve been falling for you more and more since then. Happy Anniversary Love You LZ! @Laurenzima.”

Earlier this week, 33-year-old, Jima called Harrison an “amazing man” while paying a lovely birthday tribute to the ABC personality.

The bachelorette Filming at the La Quinta Resort and Club near Palm Springs and “the entire resort is closed and no one else but the cast and crew is there,” a source told PEOPLE.) “Data-reacted =” 31 ” > “Happy Birthday. Chris Harrison आई I Love You and Miss You. You’re working on some incredible television shows right now (I can’t remember the name), so we’re not together, but we weren’t apart for about four months, and I’ve never done that to anyone in my life, “Zima Wrote. (Currently, Claire Crowley’s Season.” The bachelorette Filming at La Quinta Resort and Club near Palm Springs and “the entire resort is closed and no one but the cast and crew are there,” a source told Popley.)

Although they are different, Zeera said of the time she stayed away from Harrison: “It made me love you more and more with you every moment. So, I love you, I miss you I do – and I love that I miss you. Thank you are the wonderful person you are. Happy birthday to you. “

“It’s easy and I think that’s how it all starts,” he continued. “We started dating and like any relationship, it made me happy. She was kind, nice, got us together, she did great together with my friends, and all those stages in the relationship where you start closing those boxes and it gets better and better and better. “

In January 2019, the pair made their red carpet debut. And seven months later, Zima celebrated their one year dating milestone by sharing a kissing photo of lovebirds.

“Happy Anniversary year In this year I’ve leaned on you, laughed with you and fallen in love with you for what you are. Thank you for adding to my life with your positivity, perspective and patience, and mine To support. Who I really want to be. Thank you for being a source of happiness, and for knowing that life is good when love is easy. Oh, and big thanks for the abundant amount of alcohol. ❤️ “He Wrote on instagram

Earlier this year, Harrison and Zima opened up to PEOPLE about how self-isolation between coronoviruses in Los Angeles has intensified their bond.

“I think it helps get us closer together,” Harrison said. “I think it has helped us to love each other more, I respect and I think, appreciate each other’s little things a lot more because no one is running away or just from this Running away. Were trapped. Were in. “

Harrison was previously married to college girlfriend Gwen Harrison for 18 years. The pair – who share two children, Joshua and Taylor – announced their divorce in 2012.

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