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Chris Evans Has A Marvel Film Idea If Disney Acquires 21st Century Fox

It looks like the Disney 20th Century Fox merger could become a reality, and if it happens Chris Evans has a wonderful project in mind to celebrate. [19659004] The latest reports say that Disney and 21st Century Fox are close to closing on a deal, one that could be announced as soon as next week. That prompted Evans, who plays Captain America in Marvel's cinematic universe, to offer up this suggestion for a new film

"So who do I talk to about a Cap / Human Torch buddy comedy spin-off? , Trains and Automobiles meets Parent Trap, "Evans said.

That idea as a whole sounds amazing, but it's funny because Evans played both characters. Before entering the Marvel cinematic universe Evans played the role of Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch in Fox's Fantastic Four films. The 2005 film starred Evans, Ioan Gruffudd (Reed Richards), Jessica Alba (Sue Storm), Michael Chiklis (Ben Grimm), and Julian McMahon (Victor Von Doom) and resulted in a reasonable hit for the studio.

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<p> The cast would return for the <em> Fantastic Four </em> sequel, <em> Rise of the Silver Surfer </em>though it didn ' You meet the box office expectations of the studio Evans would then move over to Marvel Studios as Captain America in <em> The First Avenger </em> and you have appeared in 4 more Marvel movies as the iconic character since. Avengers: Infinity War </em> and 2019's <em> Avengers 4 </em>but his status after that is unknown. </p>
<p> As for the Disney al, Disney was not the only suitor for 21st Century Fox's movie and TV assets, as Comcast, Sony, and Verizon were all at one point also linked to talks. It seems Disney has won, and it would be a big get for the Marvel Studios wing of their empire. </p>
<p> If the deal does go through, those assets are then controllable by Disney, so Marvel Studios would have access to characters like the X-Men and Fantastic Four eleven more. 20th Century Fox will still be in the Marvel business most likely, but just for edgier projects like <em> The New Mutants </em><em> Deadpool </em>and the upcoming <em> X-Force. </em></p>
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