Chris Davis of the Orioles, with a 0-for-47 drop, breaks the MLB record for lack of plate effectiveness

Orioles first baseman Chris Davis has made history of a dubious nature. After starting Monday's game, 0 for 3, he stretched his no-hitter streak to 47 at-bats. Davis finished the game 0-for-4 and has not had a hit since September 14. The extended crash gave Davis the exclusive possession of the MLB record for most consecutive at-bats by a position player without a hit.

What especially crushes Davis's soul is that he faced his first three times in Monday's game against Oakland. Every time he hit it hard and it was right in a gardener. In his fourth at-bat, he struck out.

As things stand, the longest droughts among the hits for position players.

  1. Chris Davis 2018-19: 0 for 48
  2. Eugenio Velez, 2010-11: 0 for 46
  3. Bill Bergen, 1909: 0 for 45
  4. Dave Campbell, 1973: 0 for 45
  5. Craig Counsell, 2011: 0 for 45

Davis was an All-Star and finished third in the AL MVP voting in 2013, when he led the majors with 52 homers and 138 RBIs. He also got MVP votes in 2015, when he led the majors with 47 homers. In the following offseason, the Orioles agreed to sign him for seven years and $ 161 million.

Last season, Davis hit .168 / .243 / .296 (50 OPS +) with -2.8 WAR. I do not think we have to list your bar line this season.

Davis has exceeded $ 100 million in his career and has much more to come, but money does not buy happiness. It's hard not to feel sorry for Chris Davis, the human being at the moment. Hopefully I'll get hit soon.

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