Chris Davis has had a start too horrendous.

The once formidable batter of the Baltimore Orioles, who signed a seven-year, $ 161 million contract after leading the majors with 47 homers in 2016, was repeatedly booed in front of his crowd at Oriole Park in Camden Yards on Thursday.

"It's not something I really expected," said Davis, who struck out in his three at-bats against the New York Yankees in Baltimore's first game at home. "It was hard, at the same time, I heard it a lot last year, and rightly so, I said it before, I'll repeat it: I understand frustration, nobody is more frustrated than me, especially one day like today."

Davis has not registered a hit yet this season. He is 0-for-17 with 11 strikeouts and is one of three players who play every day still looking for his first hit of 2019.

This year was supposed to be a bounce season for Davis. He is coming off a historic 2018 season in which he had a career .168 record with 470 at-bats and a 37 percent strikeout rate in the league. His power numbers fell off a cliff with only 16 homers and an OPS of .539. The Orioles expected those numbers to be the basis for a player who invested $ 161 million in guaranteed money. Somehow, Davis looks worse than ever in 2019 after finishing last season with a 0-of-21 slide.

In a sense, you have to feel for Davis. It's hard to watch him fight.

For a player who has only registered more than 5 seasons of WAR in his career, the reasonable expectation was that he would reach 30 homers and maybe .250 for a few years with a lot of strikeouts. Instead, he has become the worst player in baseball every day.

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You can not blame Orioles fans for being upset.

Chris Davis' contract is so bad that I think we could see incompetence clauses in sports contracts in the coming years, such as "if you are the worst player who has played in a season, we reserve the right not to pay." you 160 million dollars "

– Ian Bosley LFT (@Bozzles) April 4, 2019