Chris Bryant Confirmed: This Kinda Wants to Be in Business Rumors All the Time

I cannot ignore my own role in the trade rumor ecosystem. As long as sports permits are in the form of trades, we as fans are interested in them. They are one of the most tentatively transformative aspects of the game, so what we can do about any small morsels is, well, it’s of interest to us. I really do not expect any fans to apologize for this, but I always feel that we can recognize humanity at play at the center of rumors.

I am not sure if this is more true for any player in recent memory than Chris Bryant, who has been the subject of intense trade rumors from two years ago, with nothing to show for this but one of the later rumors There is a waterfall.

Bryant was on the Red Line radio podcast and talked about the impact that rumors can have on a man’s psyche when he is simply trying to play baseball. It is not just realistic to have someone postpone it for years, and have zero impact on the enjoyment of the game. So, it’s a boomer, but yes, all the noise has made it more difficult for Bryant to play baseball:

Bryant does not like all trade rumors. Not a surprise, and I can sympathize. And to be even more fair, the epidemic, the struggles in 2020, the injuries of the past few years, the overall performance of the team, and the complaint of service time … are a lot of reasons that just haven’t gone out. It is fun to play baseball.

Unfortunately, the reality is that Bryant is now down for another year of control of a team that is clearly trying to cut as much salary as possible, while getting some useful long-term pieces in return. The trade rumors are not going away, and it will continue until Bryant is still around. Enough reality in fact.

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