Choreographer Celebrates COVID-19 Vaccine With Joyful Dancing

Happy feet are apparently the best side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Shaking it up to celebrate the take, choreographer Gurdeep Pandher’s traditional Indian dance video is spreading good vibes on social media timelines.

“Last night I received my Covid-19 vaccine”, Pandher tweeted Tuesday next to a clip of him rhythmically jumping, kicking and clapping to the beat of Indian drums.

“Then I went to a frozen lake to dance Bhangra on it with joy, hope and positivity, which I am sending throughout Canada and beyond for the health and well-being of all,” he wrote.

In just a few hours, Pandher’s positivity post has garnered more than 780,000 views across all of his social media platforms.

Bhangra is a ceremonial Punjabi dance performed by Sikh and Muslim men to celebrate the Baisakhi spring harvest festival in South Asia.

Gurdeep Pandher performs the traditional Indian Bhangra dance in celebration of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.
Gurdeep Pandher performs the traditional Indian Bhangra dance in celebration of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.
Courtesy of @GurdeepPandher

Pandher, a native of India living in northwestern Canada, roams the snowy terrain of his adopted land dancing bhangra and sharing videos of his performances on Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

“When people dance bhangra, they just feel happy,” Pandher recently explained to British talk show host Lorraine Kelly. “Bhangra is a dance of joy, or happiness, for people to express their happiness and also their gratitude.”

Pandher fans everywhere are going crazy over the keyboard, thanking you for your exhilarating vaccination twists.

“Every time I see Gurdeep. I just can’t help [but smile], “A lover of digital dance tweeted, adding smiley faces emoji for emphasis.

“Well now I must follow you on Twitter because this video is pure joy. I am very happy that you have been vaccinated and that it brings many more dances ”, another of Pandher’s cyber-entertainers wrote.

Since the vaccine’s launch at the top of the year, only 1.9 percent of Canadians have been fully vaccinated, according to the GobalEpidemics COVID-19 vaccination database.

And while he only received the first of the two-shot Moderna vaccines on Monday, Pandher expressed optimism about the vaccine to CBC Radio on Tuesday.

“I am happy that [the vaccine] it’s about to give people hope that things are going to be okay in the future. “


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