Choose Amy Momentum with ‘Succession’ and ‘Shits Creek’ Casting Vince – Deadline

Hbo Succession And pop’s Shit creek Placing their front positions in the Outstanding Drama and Comedy Series Emmy categories at their first casting Emmy Awards respectively.

At the beginning of night 4 of the 2020 Creative Arts Emmy Awards, Succession While winning the casting for a drama series (Avi Kaufmann, Franklin Mistler) Shit creek Casting for the Comedy Series (Lisa Parsin,
John Comerford). It was the second consecutive nomination in the category for SampoMore Succession; It was Shit Creek First nominated for its sixth and final season. Actually it was Shit creekAmy’s first win ever. It was SuccessionFourth overall.

The casting of the Comedy and Drama Series categories has been a good barometer for the Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Drama Series fields over the years.

Last year, HBO’s game of Thrones And amazon Fleabag The following weekend the top series triumphed in two casting categories before scoring the Emmys. Actually, in three of four years game of Thrones Emmy won the drama series, it also won the Casting for a Drama Series.

The correlation has been particularly strong on the comedy side. Over the past five years, the Comedy Series and Casting for Comedy Series categories have produced the same winner each year, Veep (2015, 2016). Marvelous Mrs. Massel (2018) more Fleabag (2019). In favor of the play, there have been two anomalies over a period of five years, with Crown And Strange things Take home casting trophy but lose game of Thrones And The Handmaid’s Tale, For the best drama respectively.

for Succession And Shit creek, Who are already riding a strong tempo as the show to beat in the top screenplay categories, tonight’s awards add to their solid Sunday odds.