Chipotle changed their cheese recipe, and now it’s fine –

Chipotle changed their cheese recipe, and now it’s fine


  Chipotle Nachos Chipotle is tasting nachos with the new cheese. Hollis Johnson
  • After years of lawsuits, customers hate Chipotle cheese.
  • However, the chain quietly changed the recipe, and it's way better now.
  • In general, Chipotle cheese is better as a dressing than as a sauce.

  Chipotle Cheese Hollis Johnson

The launch of Chipotle cheese has been a nightmare for the chain.

Since September, customers have criticized the fall as "crime against cheese", "vanquished Velveeta", and "garbage dump".

The company confirmed that only 15% of orders include cheese, less than half of the 40% that includes guacamole. And, Cowen discovered that the traffic related to cheese disappeared after having peaked the first week of its availability.

I must admit that I was among the many detractors.

The first time I tried the Chipotle cheese, I discovered that the flavors were quite good and smoky, but the texture was unpleasant. Instead of the nice sticky texture that contains a lovely cheese plate (full of artificial ingredients), instead, it was closer to a strange fish soup. And, as the cheese cooled, it just got thicker and denser.

Then, I was pleasantly surprised to order a cheese in Chipotle this week and discover a perfect dip. The cheese was less granular, and the flavor had a more uniform heat. In general, it was a substantial improvement.

Chipotle confirmed the changes in Business Insider.

  •  Chipotle Test Kitchen 5 Hollis Johnson

    "The same commitment to the ingredients (still all the real ingredients without anything artificial), but has a more texture creamy and a really good flavor, "spokesman Chris Arnold said in an email.

    Chipotle cheese is not yet a first-clbad immersion material. However, it is a great tool to have in your arsenal if you are asking for a burrito or bowl in Chipotle.

    As a dressing, any cheese texture defect is quickly forgotten. Instead, the salty sauce brings a smoked punch to the dish, permeating it with a rich layer of flavor. The Chipotle cheese is, frankly, tasteless and not good. Cheese is a necessary replacement that elevates the whole dish.

    I'm not alone in my belief. While about half of Chipotle's customers said the chain's cheese is better than the competition's offerings, 93% said they enjoy Chipotle cheese as a dressing for burritos and bowls.

    Will Chipotle cheese satisfy the deepest cravings of Tex-Mex lovers? Probably not. But it has the opportunity to help change the direction of the company, as long as customers accept it as a cheesy burrito ingredient, and not as the clbadic that many people expected.

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